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@Jiynnana, things are awesome, kickin ass taken names, hey cant complain
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What's in a Villain Name?
List of villains whose names really say it all.
1. Knives Millions in cuts, slashes, stabs... Millions, as in the number... Best serial killer name EVER

2. Scourge

In the world of TF names this Decepticon has a very simple one, but one that brings up images of evil. Plus his presence on this list is hardly hurt by another name he has been called by, Nemesis Prime.

3. Witch Haggar

Her name has both Witch and Hag in it, pretty spot on naming.

4. Killer Croc

He looks like a crocodile, he kills people.

5. Doctor Doom

Classic comic book villains always had the best names

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