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I made the decision to skip ahead on the Voltron/GoLion series, I was planning on doing the evolution of Prince Lotor for this installment BUT, I decided to focus on a story arc that ended with a major death in the Japanese version. Prepare to say goodbye to a main character at the close of this two parter, I will backtrack and do the evolution of Lotor in the near future though.
We start things off with the arrival of Garrett, Coran's thought to be deceased son. Garrett quickly becomes the logical choice to replace Allura as a member of the Voltron Force, but something is not right about the newcomer, and soon he is revealed to not be the true Garrett but a clone. 
It is not long after this revelation that the clone manages to assume control of the Castle of Lions and pave the way for a drule invasion of Arus. In the GoLion version we see some very different ramifications of the clone, for starters, in Voltron it is indicated that the real Garrett and Coran's wife are still alive in an alternate reality, In GoLion they are however confirmed to have been executed by the Drule.... Another big change is the bottom video clip, like I said from the start, someone did not survive this arc in the Japanese version.
  So in both versions close of the arc, Coran's Clone son is arrested and imprisoned, big difference... In Japan this happened....
  Ouch... Nanny we hardly knew you.
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