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Top 100 Favorite Robots
A list of my favorite Anime robots
1. Starscream

He's my all time favorite robot, always has been, probably always will be

2. R2-D2
3. Voltron
4. Optimus Prime
5. Megatron
6. C-3PO
7. Cheetor
8. Dinobot
9. Carp's Robeast

OK so this one is more of a mech, but still awesome robot

10. Bumblebee
11. Hot Shot
12. Scavenger

Really dug the Constructicons as a whole, but Scavenger is more on this list due to the Armada version of him, he's a mercenary, gotta love a good merc character

13. Arcee
14. Soundwave
15. Rattrap
16. Vehicle Voltron
17. Gladiator Voltron
18. Unicron

Muah the French...

19. Galvatron
20. Blood
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