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Things in anime that apply to me in real life
Concepts and objects that apply to my own life experiences.
1. Blind

Was legally blind for two years


Beem there done that, believe me when I say that anyone who says the teen years are the best of your life is an idiot, it gets so much better.

3. Students

See what I wrote above

4. Unrequited love

Sucks to love someone oblivious to you, also a thing I went through as a teen

5. Unreal Hair/Eye Color

Dyed my hair blue once

6. Thieves & Con Artists

I have been one in my youth

7. Drunk

I am one!

8. Smoker

I am one!

9. Canabis Smoker

I sometimes am one!

10. Humans

I am one!


I have green eyes

12. Shuriken

I used to own some


I drive one


I used to drive one


I owned a broadsword


Own a bunch, both weaponry and cutlery kinds


Own one (cue Jason music)

18. Moronic character


19. Superhero Costume

I swear I only own them for conventions!


I'd say see the remark above but as a teenager I went through a phase where I walked around in a cape. Everyone who knew me just thought I was joking around, on the real though, I thought I could pull it off!

21. Tattoos

I have 6 tattoos

22. Scars

If scars really are sexy to woman, then I am very sexy. I have quite a few, ones from flesh wounds, burns, surgery and even a stab wound!

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