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Well you can not dispute the presence of this horrific act of sexual battery being in anime, it has shown up in many series, though in most cases it is stopped at the attempted rape point (Claymore and Ikki Tousen for example) So why do I feel so reluctant to add this as a concept? I added Cannibalism, Genocide, Terrorist and Arson, I certainly do not think any of those crimes are acceptable but they are concepts seen in anime.... 
I think my fear is this concept will be undermined by Hentai related imagery, It is a SERIOUS concept, not a jack-off one (the subject is a serious one) So I dont add it, out of fear of the page being turned into a haven for tentacle and other twisted hentai images that really would do a disservice to the concept which should NEVER be glorified or used to entertain a small number of pervs. 
Should the concept be added? Absolutely, it has driven the plots in many series, often to show a trauma in a female characters past or drive a protagonist to fight. 
The problem? Hentai images should NOT be allowed on this concept page if it does get made, Seriously let's not undermine a serious crime that people who may view the page might have lived through with shit that is just in bad taste/for shock value.  
I think maybe this concept should be made... With a no image lock
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