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So when all is said and done slavery and forced combat are made kid friendly.

Voltron is the perfect example of an Americanized series, the blood and gore are removed to allow child friendly merchandising, the heavy concepts of slavery and rape are thrown away to make room for kid friendly space mice driven plots, characters who die simply get severely injured and disappear, and completely unrelated series get amalgamated into the story, which in turn also get toned down, and alcohol becomes orange juice....

So why the hell do such terrible ideas work so well? Read on.

Voltron is the exception to the rule, a series where terrible tropes actually work, and the toned down concepts may have actually made the series MORE enjoyable. I am anything but a prude, I love my sex and violence in anime, But oddly in the case of Beast King GoLion, I tended to find the moments of ultraviolence a tad crude. Were they story killers? Not by a longshot, but they did turn me off a bit.

I mean moments of women being squeezed until they exploded by sadistic robeasts on a mindless killing spree was a bit harsh.

So along came Voltron, a Americanized series, and it did the unthinkable.... It made less violence an acceptable adaptation, and in fact, worldwide, GoLion is LESS known then Voltron. Over the course of this series we will discuss this further, but for now watch the first episode thanks to Hulu, and if you are on Crunchyroll, check out GoLion 1 as well.

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