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I was astonished to see on WEP's YouTube channel that the company responsible for the Americanized version of the series was also streaming the Toei ultra-violent Beast King GoLion, and seemingly uncensored... This will certainly factor into any future installments of my Great Moments in Americanization blog, and for now lead to the re-title GoLion VS Voltron.
This was THE violent GoLion episode. The Red Berets slaughter innocent bystanders in a merciless fashion and yes, that got cut with many other things in the American version. In this case probably for the best. Unsure if this episode is completely uncensored, but at least it is available for streaming and can be put side by side with the American Voltron episode.
I personally prefer the GoLion episode, and this was truly the one that highlights the difference between GoLion and Voltron the most.
Watch GoLion Hunting and Raid of the Red Berets and judge for yourself.
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