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List of Voltron characters who died in the original Japanese anime version of the series, regardless of what their fate was rewritten as being in the American series
1. Sven
2. Avok
3. Prince Bokar
4. Yurak
5. King Zarkon
6. Witch Haggar
7. Coba
8. Mogor
9. Prince Lotor
10. Nanny
11. Blue Fiend
12. Twila

Commits suicide by jumping off a cliff

13. Prince Tabor

Killed by Yurak for his poor defenses endangering Daibazaal (Zarkon)

14. Anga

Though I get the impression she died in the US version Voltron as well, she is criticallyy injured by Haggar, and finally collapses getting Pidge to safety.

15. Ryou Shirogane
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