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I was astonished to see on WEP's YouTube channel that the company responsible for the Americanized version of the series was also streaming the Toei ultra-violent Beast King GoLion, and seemingly uncensored... This will certainly factor into any future installments of my Great Moments in Americanization blog, and for now lead to the re-title GoLion VS Voltron.
This was THE violent GoLion episode. The Red Berets slaughter innocent bystanders in a merciless fashion and yes, that got cut with many other things in the American version. In this case probably for the best. Unsure if this episode is completely uncensored, but at least it is available for streaming and can be put side by side with the American Voltron episode.
I personally prefer the GoLion episode, and this was truly the one that highlights the difference between GoLion and Voltron the most.
Watch GoLion Hunting and Raid of the Red Berets and judge for yourself.
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Diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, explains a lot. Asperger's is a highly functional form of Autism that impairs the part of the brain that recognizes social protocol, basically I am highly evolved intellectually but retarded socially. I think this explains a lot, not a damning form of autism, I am still after all highly intelligent, just unable to recognize when I am pissing someone off or saying something viewed as inappropriate.

To understand me better:
Hope the AV community better understands my Transformers OCD and other aspects of who I am now. 
Symptoms were there in hindsight, always knew I was different in some ways. Glad I know how now.
This changes nothing about me, except now I know why some perceive me as rude or abrasive, I honestly mean no hostility to anyone.

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I made the decision to skip ahead on the Voltron/GoLion series, I was planning on doing the evolution of Prince Lotor for this installment BUT, I decided to focus on a story arc that ended with a major death in the Japanese version. Prepare to say goodbye to a main character at the close of this two parter, I will backtrack and do the evolution of Lotor in the near future though.
We start things off with the arrival of Garrett, Coran's thought to be deceased son. Garrett quickly becomes the logical choice to replace Allura as a member of the Voltron Force, but something is not right about the newcomer, and soon he is revealed to not be the true Garrett but a clone. 
It is not long after this revelation that the clone manages to assume control of the Castle of Lions and pave the way for a drule invasion of Arus. In the GoLion version we see some very different ramifications of the clone, for starters, in Voltron it is indicated that the real Garrett and Coran's wife are still alive in an alternate reality, In GoLion they are however confirmed to have been executed by the Drule.... Another big change is the bottom video clip, like I said from the start, someone did not survive this arc in the Japanese version.
  So in both versions close of the arc, Coran's Clone son is arrested and imprisoned, big difference... In Japan this happened....
  Ouch... Nanny we hardly knew you.
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Skippy'd is a form of punishment I invented, if you jinx yourself VIA double posting you can be Skippy'd, if you are proven wrong, you can be Skippy'd.
So what happens if you are "Skippy'd"? You need to use something that has the name Skippy as your avatar, it can be Skippy The Cat from Transformers Animated, Skippy The Jedi Droid (R5-D4) from Star Wars, or even a jar or Skippy peanut butter.... Your choice, unless you put yourself in a position of being Skippy'd, like duck, duck, goose. Then the person who calls Skippy can choose what Skippy you use as an avatar.
Have fun Skippy-ing one and all!
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Sven's defeat
Sven's defeat

After a long break from Anime Vice, I am back and continuing with the blog series I left with, sit tight friends and freaks, I am going to make up for lost time by talking about how 5 episodes were changed, in minor and major ways in the GoLion-Voltron series, and the BIGGEST change occurs in one of these episodes.

Episode 3: A Ghost and 4 Keys (GoLion Title: A Ghost and 5 Keys)

Not much is changed in the early going of this episode, the first obvious change is that Haggar and Zarkon refer to the team as the Voltron Force, though they have not even found a single Voltron Lion yet, this was kind of a Americanized moment though, referring to the team as you plan to refer to them as for the rest of the series prior to them finding the thing that gives them the title.... LOL, sounds like I am talking in riddles, another major change is that the Bat-Fish Robeast is not shown finishing off it's opponent in the Doom arena... The title of this episode is oddly more appropriate, as only four of the lion keys were found and the fifth key was missing. Not a huge departure from the original.

Episode 4: The Missing Key

The Space mice are useful, go figure...

The episode starts where the last left off, Keith in the green lion, Sven in the blue lion, Lance in the red lion, and Hunk in the yellow lion are taking on the Bat-Fish Robeast, while Pidge is trapped amongst local Arusians driven to hide in caves and the black lion key is missing, Yurak wants the glory for beating the team, as does Haggar, honestly this episode did not change much between countries. But Voltron is fully assembled for the first time so dont skip it.

Episode 5: The Princess Joins Up

Allura joins the team by manning a gun turret in the newly discovered Castle of Lions, a structure which was under Castle Arus and emerges from it's rubble in time to take down the Gladiator Robeast, the only notable change is that the Gladiator Robeast's tournament against other robeasts is toned down a bit. This episode contains the iconic stills of the Voltron Force standing on the heads of the lions for the first time.

Episode 6: The Right Arm of Voltron

Here we are at the episode that changes everything, those who know Voltron, even if your knowledge is only of the current series, Voltron Force, knew Sven would not be a longterm member of the team, but this is a huge departure from the Japanese version in many ways, Sven's fate is changed quite a bit, he was killed in the GoLion version of this episode, but only injured in the American version, an entire funeral scene was cut from this episode, Sven returns in future episodes of Voltron, and I will explain how later in this blog series. Character death was generally a no-no back in the 80's in America, so Sven was simply injured at the close of this one.

NOTE: Hulu mislabled this episode with the title of the next episode.

Episode 7: The Lion Has New Claws

Allura pilots the blue lion for the first time, Nanny makes her first appearance, the main thing cut from this episode was that the robeast in it slaughtered some innocent people, and even some of that slipped by censors if you watch the castle of lions monitor closely. A bit of common anime eroticism usually cut from American adaptations of the era is also seen in both, when Nanny spanks Allura. The Japanese version of that scene had what I found to be some pretty funny dialogue with the line "A thousand spankings for not calling me lady"

NOTE: Hulu mislabled this as the aforementioned episode The Right Arm of Voltron

That's all for this installment, watch said episodes on Hulu, and look for my next installment where we go from Prince Bokar to Prince Lotor.

You can also view the original Beast King GoLion versions on Crunchyroll.

EDIT: Since I pointed out that Hulu mislabeled 2 episodes they have since corrected the mistake, episodes 6 and 7 are now correctly titled

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