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Here are some of my video blogs of the past, I'm usually drunk, and talking about random BS, in one I got into a real personal problem I deal with daily, anorexia.  
I plan a new video blog soon, I have not done one in over a year, a lot of things both good and bad have gone down in my life last year, my mom having to deal with brain tumors, breaking up with the only woman I have ever loved (and I'm 27 almost 28, you teens who claim this have some living to do believe me) and dealing with being unemployed without the benefit of an unemployment check. 
There is certainly a lot to talk about in my upcoming vid, but here are some of my past vids to catch you up on Aaron Egan. 
Due to odd 404 errors I will just supply links with a description of the vid below the link for now 
Talking about being a male anorexic in the vid linked above  
The link above is to my most recent vid, where I talk about my painkiller free circumcision and my last Girlfriend 
And the subject I talk about in the vid above probably pertains to 75% of Giant Bomb users. not that they are aware of it!
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The goal: write a funny caption for this months image 
The prize: Bragging that you made the funniest caption this month 
The judge: Me 
The restrictions: This is my blog so get as colorful with language as anime vice permits! Last entry must be made by the 30th
The image for January: 

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Watch episodes 4 and 5, then let me know what you think, I could not embed them unfortunately, but they are available to watch on the official page free of charge, 
This is the two part Return of the Arashikage story arc centering around Snake Eyes, Jinx, and Storm Shadow.... Oh yeah, Snake Eyes talks (in the flashbacks anyway)

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These can be great, the one I am using as an example certainly is, it was done by a kinda sorta friend of mine (we are online friends) and I never get sick of it, it may seem like a vid better suited to comicvine... but take notice of Goku, Voltron, and the Power Rangers and you will get why I put it on my Fanimation blog series. 
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So round 1 showcased a fan made music video featuring anime clips this shows anime clips used for more comical purposes, like say covering an SNL clip 
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