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10: Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel 
I think this would work very well, no reason beyond the fight scenes and young adult drama possibly working well in an animated format 
9: The X-Files 
Supernatural has worked out as an anime, I think Mulder and Scully's surreal adventures would too, perhaps this would be a great way to revive the series. 
8:  Dr. Who 
Anime Daleks, time travel, and the tough to follow, though interesting time travelling adventures of the Doctors would be fun to watch 
7: Pumpkinhead 
A demon brought forth to deal out grizzly vengeance.... every single week! Might work as a mini-series 
6: Friday The 13th: 
Like you would not watch an animated Jason Voorhees? 
5: A Nightmare on Elmstreet 
Seriously just think about an anime version of a Freddy Kruger nightmare and try to sleep tonight 
4: Dawn of the Dead 
Shopping mall, Zombies. Bikers 
3: The Night Breed 
Clive Barker intended this as a franchise, it never became one. But maybe the demons of midian may work as an anime? 
2: Pulp Fiction 
Maybe we will find out what was in the briefcase?  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.
1: Terminator 
I'm talking future war!
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I'm watching episodes of Masterforce and stumbled across this gem that has Blood and some Seacons murdering a cruise ship full of people.... God I love Japanese Transformers cartoons! 
And here is part 2.... Say it with me now PRETENDERS!!!!! 
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The offer still stands to AV users ask me a question (not related to Phil Collins. Peter Gabriel, or Genesis) and I will answer it, this video is my reply to the comicvine users who took me up on this   
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Here I state facts about shows and franchises that sometimes get a bad rap.
On the agenda today: Transformers 
Wow do a lot of anime fans hate that this franchise is considered anime, and that is kind of bizarre, this is in terms of sales, series, movies, toys, longevity, popularity, success, and many other factors that sadly make this impossible to argue.... Transformers is as far as overall success goes the most popular anime franchise ever made! Sorry do not get mad at me, get mad at the world as the global community has given this Takara/Hasbro juggernaut the keys to the hearts and minds of it's childten.  
Truth be told only the most pretentious of gaijin question Transformers as an anime franchise, in Japan there is certainly no question, and a sense of pride that this series originated in the borders of the land of the rising sun, but yet few are willing to accept what is basically a fact, when it comes to anime success, all must bow to the Bots and the Cons!
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Sexy robots invade the bedroom 

    According to science author Hank Hyena’s article, Sexbots Will Give Us Longevity Orgasm in H+ magazine (December 2009), human-robot interaction researcher, Dr. Henrik I. Christensen, of the College of Computing Georgia Institute of Technology and director of the Center for Robotics and Intelligent Machines predicts fully-functioning sex robots by 2011.  Well now that it is 2011 this blogger has to say it, where are my kinky Guri and Arcee bots?  Full Story 

Robotic Game Show Contestant sparks controversy, is an AI Jeopardy! contestant unfair? 

IBM pitted Big Blue, an advanced Chess playing program against the world's greatest human Chess player some years back, the machine won.  Now Jeopardy is indulging IBM in a new experiment and allowing an AI program to compete on Jeopardy, this is somewhat controversial due to it being unclear just how much internet info is at Watson, the artificial intelligence's fingertips or...errr....transistors at any given whim. Full Story

Killer Robots take the battlefield!

The Army is preparing to send 18 remote-controlled robotic warriors to fight in Iraq beginning in March or April.   Full Story  

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