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Each week (until I run out of shows I can do this with) I'll post a set-up and vids of an entire series you can watch in an hour, GUARANTEED.
The featured series are ones that consist of extremely short episodes (5-10 minutes on average) and do not seem to violate any copyright laws by showing (some aired for free online to start with like todays featured series, while others are fan-subs, accurate fan-subs, but still.... sadly most are low resolution) 

So onto the show....
G.I. Joe Resolute is my favorite series in the franchise, and it won't be long before you see why this series earned that status, it's gritty, violent, mature, and... short.
Originally this show aired on Adult Swim much like Clone Wars did, as a series of short 5 minute episodes that built up hype for an upcoming movie, though Resolute may have surpassed the live action film it was designed to hype and then some.
Judge for yourself, the longest episode is 11:00.... ENJOY! (BTW there are actually 11 parts, I have the last one up too, and had to weed through an alarming number of Rickrolls and fakes to find it. and I dunno how to embed from the official Resolute page, and can no longer find them on adult so I used the low-res youtube videos)

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 I'm getting too old for this shit
 I'm getting too old for this shit

It is an annoying trait of the battle forums or any other, regardless of the examples of the characters being brought against a DBZ character there is always a plethora of DBZ fans (not ripping on all fans, just the stubborn ones, and for the record I have seen every episode of DB, DBZ, and DBGT, as well as most of the movies and all of Kai so far) and the battles always come down to "Busters" so and so is a city buster, and so and so is a continent buster, and so and so is a planet buster, and occasionally so and so is a galaxy buster.... There is even the rare argument of Reality Busters..... But all of these are odd statements... Because most battles are put together with this in mind, and yet the DBZ character always wins....
Vash the Stampede is a Planet Buster.... he can destroy a planet with one shot... pit him against Raditz a city buster and see what happens.... And say he's slower and I can show examples of faster and stronger characters who end with the same fate

Robot Masters Triple Convoy can disperse a planet destroying energy attack. yet even with visual evidence, Nappa wins.

Many of us have gotten in these same circular arguments with DBZ die hards, and sometimes realize they are just cutting and pasting the same argument over and over again, so what do these "buster" attacks really mean? NOTHING, they are just examples of destructive power that are based on examples offered by a CARD GAME. That is the one thing about DBZ, the arguments really all center around stats offered by a CCG, and thus, all arguments and debates circle back to the game.

So what if certain series do not have this base power system.... the card game itself is not exactly the end all be all judge on what characters in the DBZ universe can and can not do and has been discredited within the anime itself.

And not to be condescending or anything, but do any of you actually know what a power level of 1,000 means beyond that it is higher then one of 999, and so on? What do each power point actually mean? and how can you truly be sure a character of a different series does not have a higher level? (kinda why I came up with the battle stat cards idea)

DBZ as a battle forum buster is what draws my ire this week. I enjoy the series, but hate the debates.
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It is a complicated and vast multiverse full of alternate versions of the same characters and lots of confusing crossovers but take a deep breath and we will get through this together! I will be editing this periodically


The original continuity which spans the first series, Tranformers G1, Beast Wars, the Marvel Comics (both UK and USA) and Beast Machines.... This is the classic continuity

Japanese G1: Much more expansive then the American G1, though containing less printed stories (far less manga then comics) but MUCH more anime.... The continuity includes: Transformers G1, Transformers Headmasters, Transformers Masterforce, Transformers Victory, Transformers Zone, Beast Wars, Beast Wars II, Beast Wars Neo, Beast Machines. Various manga also are interwoven in the Japanese continuity

Beast Era: Covers the various Beast series but is intertwined with G1

G2 Continuity: Despite the series Tranformers Generation 2, the only actual G2 stories were published in Marvel Comics and Manga.

Robots In Disguise Continuity: Odd stand-alone, Megatron 2 and Optimus Prime square off in this series that does not really fit in with the others.

Unicron Trilogy Continuity: Covers the Armada, Energon, and Cybertron series

Animated Continuity: Covers Transformers Animated, and the related comics and manga

Aligned Continuity: Covers Transformers Prime, the War for Cybertron Game,and related comics

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I came up with this as a concept to help measure character power in battle forums (it can also be used for your RPG characters) and as a system intended as a tool of the community I of course need community help on this potentially fun and helpful project.

As many of you are aware gauging power levels of characters from different series is difficult to say the least. If done properly this system may come up with some mutually agreed upon character stats and get rid of some of the headaches of comparing power levels from alternate realities being pitted against one another.

Is this a perfect system? Not by a longshot, but it is at least a system.

Help me out with this by filling out a blank character card and posting the finished product HERE

A blank card is posted below, as are two examples of filled out ones.
Also feel free to try to improve the look of the card but stick to the stat grid
As a final note I am going to point out this system is user generated content and in no way official or endorsed by AV staff or whiskey media
Have fun!

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Going to make a ton of these, why? because I am bored. They will all end up here, and I am taking requests too!

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