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So all the guys want to do her is a crude but accurate assessment of the newcomer,,,,

Original Voltron Force
Original Voltron Force

It is basically a plot point from this point forward, the stunning beauty Allura has all the boys fighting from here on out. Lance and Keith maintain an ongoing love triangle with her, while Pidge has some hysterically funny perv moments with her, and Hunk and Sven.... well there is a reason Sven never chases after the Princesses affection, and Hunk just digs the damaged psychic types as you will see later.

Anyways where to begin...

Hopefully you read my last installment in this series, otherwise, all I can say to catch you up in a nutshell is the heroes basically got captured, forced to fight monsters, and escaped the clutches of Zarkon, and are now on Arus where they meet Princess Allura and Coran the guardians of Voltron.

Now the forces of Doom are of course pissed the boys escaped and thats about it,,,,

Yeah this one was pretty bare bones, it was heavy on explaining things and not a great episode for action and excitement, you get to meet the princess, the guys get their uniforms and that's about it in either the American Voltron or Japanese GoLion series.... Really this episode just served to introduce a couple characters and further the plot.

Not a fave but a must see for the sake of the story, check out the Voltron episode below from Hulu, and be sure to see the GoLion version on Crunchyroll too

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So when all is said and done slavery and forced combat are made kid friendly.

Voltron is the perfect example of an Americanized series, the blood and gore are removed to allow child friendly merchandising, the heavy concepts of slavery and rape are thrown away to make room for kid friendly space mice driven plots, characters who die simply get severely injured and disappear, and completely unrelated series get amalgamated into the story, which in turn also get toned down, and alcohol becomes orange juice....

So why the hell do such terrible ideas work so well? Read on.

Voltron is the exception to the rule, a series where terrible tropes actually work, and the toned down concepts may have actually made the series MORE enjoyable. I am anything but a prude, I love my sex and violence in anime, But oddly in the case of Beast King GoLion, I tended to find the moments of ultraviolence a tad crude. Were they story killers? Not by a longshot, but they did turn me off a bit.

I mean moments of women being squeezed until they exploded by sadistic robeasts on a mindless killing spree was a bit harsh.

So along came Voltron, a Americanized series, and it did the unthinkable.... It made less violence an acceptable adaptation, and in fact, worldwide, GoLion is LESS known then Voltron. Over the course of this series we will discuss this further, but for now watch the first episode thanks to Hulu, and if you are on Crunchyroll, check out GoLion 1 as well.

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Just decided to start keeping track of what I do with my time on AV each month, this is the first month I am doing this so nothing too spectacular, and I was not actively keeping track so next month's should be better organised and more complete as these are just things that come to mind immediately. Feel free to share your work as well 
Claymore Characters added  
The Destroyer 
Humanoid Being  
Mantis Being 
Armadillo Being (also wrote quite a bit for him)
Insectoid Being 
Natalie-Turned this blank stub page into one for the Claymore character  
Transformers characters added: 
Decepticon Miner  
Star Upper 
Sky Garry 
Major Character Edits: 
Cobra Commander 
Armadillo Being as mentioned above  
Did some more editing on Starscream

Concepts added
The Organization  
Major Concept Edits: 
Claymore (added lists of Claymore by generation, with paragraphs about each of those generations)
Locations added 
Island World (with some editing as well) 
Manga added 
Mutant Turtles Gaiden 
Series edits 
Did work on some episodes of Transformers Prime and Claymore 
I'm sure there was more, but again, this is just what I remember off-hand, and I was not really keeping track of here and there minor edits this month, I edited some pages for grammar, added powers, relationships, concepts and so on but could not say what or where. Slow month for me.
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Let's take a real hard look at the wishing rules established 
Shenron can NOT bring someone back to life who has been dead for over 1 year 
Shenron can NOT bring the same person back to life more then once  
And as for the Namekian wish granting dragon...
Porunga CAN bring the same person back to life any number of times regardless of how long the have been dead, but only one at a time, meaning he can bring back 12 people a year at max (three every three months) 
So lets think about a few examples of mass murder and genocide committed in DBZ and the wishes made.... 
Nappa wipes out an entire city after he arrives on Earth, he kills a few Z-Fighters, Tenchinhan and Piccolo included, and thus the Dragon Ball's were gone, after Piccolo was revived by Porunga's Dragon Balls, and the next wish made on Shenron's Dragon Balls which were back due to Piccolo/Kami being revived was to bring back everyone killed by Frieza and his men, Piccolo was already revived, but Tenshinhan, who was killed by Nappa, who was working for Frieza when he killed him, did not come back to life, so I assume neither did those humans, and thus, over a year passed given the time it takes for the Dragon Balls to become active between wishes. All humans Nappa killed would then just be dead permanently. 
Then we have the Androids and Cell 
Android 20 (Doctor Gero) wiped out an entire city, Cell wiped out several, we know everyone killed by the androids and Cell, aside Goku were revived, but.... 
Vegeta killed a whole stadium full of people and Majin Buu wiped out the entire human race, so I guess the people who died in the Android/Cell sagas should be gone for good right? 
Next up, Dragon Ball GT, a massive number of people were wiped out between the Baby/Super 17/Dark Shenrons sagas.... 
And yet the civilian population seems immune to the rules of the Dragon Balls 
Your opinions? Theories?
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1,000 points in a single submission is a daunting task for sure, but I finally did it and here is how it went down. 
The last week I have gone without internet, phone, or cable, so I had time to write, I wrote a massive submission on MS word for the Transformers Prime series page, of course Murphy's Law, my trial period on MS word ran out and I could not simply cut and paste my work today, so I just referenced it and rewrote the whole damn thing, 
Now that said I had 67 points on the series page prior, I now have 2,147... So I pulled 2,080 in one sub, and here is how.... 
LINK DAMN IT! If you bring up a character, object, location, company or whatever, that has a page on AV LINK TO IT! Dont go overboard though, if every other word is linked it looks terrible. 
IMAGES WHERE APPROPRIATE! Throw some images in! They dont just look cool worked into a wall of text they nab points too! 
Anyways believe it or not those are my only tips, this took me a long time but it got the job done, anything below overview was what I wrote and earned this pesky quest for me 
Transformers Prime 
Best of luck in your efforts AV community!
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