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This is the All books will complete their cycle of life and begin anew, with digital readers supplanting their use, the crushed fibers of mighty trees will nurture fresh growth of the simple seedling.

I really liked the quote , and image from this story on Gizmodo. Manga volumes repurposed as planters just works for me.I used to have twelve issue deep stacks of Shonen Jump around the place (the bathroom) back when I first got into Naruto.

And speaking of Shonen Manga, Stan Lee and Akatsuki Yamatoya  present the brilliant new manga and anime series Heroman. I was shocked at how old fashioned and just plain good this series is, the stoic Heroman robot reminds me a lot of  Giant Robo from the OVA DVD set I have buried in storage somewhere around here. (Biggu Faia!) The Heroman manga is published by Shonen Gangan, both the manga and the anime are put together by the Bones studio.   

    A typical page from Seikon No Qwaser 
   A typical page from Seikon No Qwaser 

As for Milk Sickness, watch out for that bad soma. I nominate Seikon No Qwaser for "most disturbing titty fetish semi-loli hentai". Seikon No Qwaser is about "Qwasers" telekinetics who each can manipulate a single compound from the periodic table, but in order to do so they require fresh breast milk, which they call soma. That's right, I shit you not. The guys who created this series have possibly stumbled upon the golden mean for erosploitation. This isn't even at the admittedly low yet decent quality level of an Amaenaideyo!!, or Dance in the Vampire Bund. This is Ladies vs Butlers! styled excess without means. These guys are not even trying to give you a story, it's just titty sucking, angst, repetitive action scene, mild lesbianism, disturbing loli sado-masochism, and barebones plot.

"Science gets more fun when I get a bigger gun!" Kari Byron, Mythbusters. Watch it here.

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