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Birch, retrieving an old one's lackey.
Birch, retrieving an old one's lackey.

Name: Detective Birch
Age: 26/3,000,000,000
Species: Human/#$%^
Occupation: Old one hunter
Eye Color: N/A
Alias: Too many to count
Birch's life wasn't an easy one. His family was entwined in the occult, and had been for generations. For centuries they prepared, before finally summoned an anceitn beign and using birch as a catalyst. Birch's family was killed, most likely by the beast they summoned. However, it wasn't all for nothing. The family's preparations succeeded, and the beast was killed, his power embedded in Birch. Birch was found by an elite government sect. and recruited into an elite team designed to specifically fight back against immortal beings and godlike creatures. Out of all of them, Birch is the only one still alive.
The abilities embedded in Birch by the old one retain to what is basically immortality. Any injury, even those that would kill most beings, are healed in a few moments. Even total destruction is only a set back for a small while, though how long varies. Other then this Birch has near super human speed and reflexes though he prefers not to use them. He can also control space and time, but doing so is so exhausting it's not useful in a fight, or even as a means to get around.
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