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While reading Drifters online I remembered the entery I made on Anime Vice concerning Toyohisa's Personality. Specificaly the fact that despite being a Drifter it is commented on that he has the mind set of an offscouring, and this made me think. Offscourings are famous historical figures who have died in violent ways either by murder or execution and were driven mad because of it. Drifters on the other hand seem to be made up of historical figures who have died either on a battlefield or during a fight. Now heres where it gets interesting. When introduced to Minamoto no Yoshitsune the Black King not only says he can do what he pleases but asks wether he is a Drifter or and Offscouring, to which Minamoto reply's, whichever one he feels like siding with.    
I've recently come to find out that Minamoto died by suicide, although I'm not sure of the specifics. And if we remember correctly  in the first chapter, Toyohisa's supossed "death" was brought on by the action of him willingly impailing himself on a buch of enemy spears just so he could get a clear shot at the general with his rifle. Needless to say he nearly bled to death before being transported to the other world. 
Okay, heres the point to all this. What if the historical figures who, in one form or antoher, brought on their own demise in our world act as a sort of gray area between Drifters and Offscourings? Despite wether it was Murasaki or EASY who sent  them to the other world, because of their minds sets, they are able to choose for themselves wether or not to side with either force. If Minamoto wished it, he could have become a Drifter even if it was EASY who sent him there. The same could be said for Toyohisa (doubt it considering hes the most honorable Drifter to date in this manga). This could lead to a huge plot twist later on in the series. Think about it... a certain head hunting Drifter with the power of an Offscouring. Tell me you wouldn't want to see that, I dare you. Also let me be the first to ship this...
Toyohisa Shimazu x Joan of Arc (Hurray for Foe Yay!) Read chapter 24 when you can and tell me its not a possibility. I double dare you.

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