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The Most Annoying Anime/Manga Characters Ever
This is just my opinion, so don't shoot.  And there will be no set limit.  All add characters as I see them or think of them.
1. Asuka Langley Soryu

Damn she's really unsympathetic. I almost want to like her, but then at the end of the series she just gets really, really whiny.

2. Chi-Chi

Classic example of character that starts off so awesome, but ultimately goes so wrong. She's so annoying to me that by end of the Saiyan/Vegeta arc I'm right with Yajirobe asking Goku if he can hit her.

3. Rini Tsukino

She's really annoying during Sailor Moon R and parts of Sailor Moon S, but she grows on you after she grows up a little. And what's up with using her Americanized (bastardized) name on the character page, but the Japanese (*ahem* CORRECT) names of her parents in the body of the article?

4. Haro

No matter which series or time line I'm watching, I just want to shove this thing right out the nearest air lock.

5. Wufei Chang

If you need to ask why he's here, you'll never get it.

6. Trowa Barton

Same as above.

7. Quatre Raberba Winner

Same as above.

8. Duo Maxwell

Same as above.

9. Heero Yuy

Same as above and his name is misspelled. Oy.

10. Millerna Aston

Just once I wish Hitomi would have smacked the hell out of her.

11. Merle

She's a catgirl. Need I say more?

12. Kazuma Kuwabara

This is the dub version of the character only. If it weren't for Sabat's portrayal of him, he'd be a pretty OK dude. So do yourself a favor, switch over to the Japanese track when Kuwabara is speaking. I mean come on Sabat voices him as though he were the bastard love child of Vegeta and Yajirobe. Speaking of...

13. Yajirobe

Come on this guy has done maybe a total of four things in the entire series: Killing and the eating Cymbal, climbing to the top of Karin-to with Goku on his back when Goku's body was thrashed, slicing Vegeta's tail off when he was in his Oozaru form, and delivering Senzu beans whenever Karin tells him to. Two of those things could have been done by anyone.

14. Ash's Pikachu

No other Pokemon character fills me with as much rage as this rat.

15. Ritsuko Akagi

Crazy lady got what she deserved several times over. Never liked her and by the End of Evangelion, I was happy with her ultimate fate.

16. Hercule

So he saved the world from Majin Buu. Who cares? This guy is meant to be comic relief, but most often he just distracts from what little plot there is.

17. Naruto Uzumaki

Believe it! This is in reference to the dub version of the character. I don't watch dubs by choice so every time I see the dub on TV Naruto alone makes me want to borrow my buddy's shotgun to blow my TV away.

18. Trunks

Man this kid is a spoiled brat. Bulma is to lenient and Vegeta just couldn't care less. How does he not grow up to have deep psychological issues?

19. Aisha Clanclan

She maybe lovable, but at the same time she's oh so annoying. You just gotta feel sorry of Gene Starwind having to put up with her all the time.

20. Misa Amane

Sure she's cute-ish, but she is oh so annoying in the fangirl kind of way.

21. Sakura Haruno

So I've watched up to episode 30 of Naruto and am really hoping that this chick actually does something useful. Right now she's really, really usesless, which means really, really annoying in my book.

nene_san904on Sept. 7, 2013 at 9:04 p.m.

why is ash's pikachu Annoying

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