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Gundam Wing sucks ass with its many, many plot holes and leaps of logic. Anyone who says otherwise is either a.) a complete dumb ass or b.) a liar.
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Creepiest Anime/Manga Characters Ever
This is the same as my "Most Annoying" list, but for the creepy characters in anime and manga.
1. Mr. Popo

"Hi..." Once you watch Team Four Star's DBZ Abridged, you'll never look at him the same way again.

2. Kimura

"Sensei, why did you become a teacher?" "BECAUSE I LIKE HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS AND STUFF!" Need I go on?

3. Kaworu Nagisa

Not sure what he/it was actually aware of the exact effect he had on pour Shinji. Or if he Shinji was truly effect the way it seemed (or how many a Yaoi fan have depicted) by Kaworu. But that's just the tip of the iceberg with him/it. Kaworu is too calm and gentle for the would be destroyer of mankind. And that my friends, creeps me the hell out.

4. Ryuk

So creepy looking, but utterly hilarious. One of the only characters in anything I've ever watched, read, or listened to that tells you right up front exactly how the story is going to end.

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