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Likely won't be doing much for wiki work this week. My job hunting will be eating up much of my time for this week.
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Next month's Halloween. What better way to celebrate the month than watch a horror/ suspense/ thriller title that will scare the daylights out of me or have me laughing senseless from seeming cheesy. I've picked 10 titles having a horror/ suspense theme to them that I have some interest in wanting to check out and you folks get to decide which one of them I should check out. Nine of the ten are on the serious side from what I've heard of them while one of them has a rep for the exclusive English dubbing from ADV that made the anime from a generic horror title to a comedy fest. Another one is divided up into seven separate movies. But if folks choose to vote for it, I'll cover all seven parts in separate reviews. As usual, you have 3 weeks to vote on what anime you would like me to check out with the one receiving the most votes by October 1 being the one I shall watch and review. As a teaser, I have a couple pictures below of some titles I have listed. You can vote in the poll at this link.
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