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If you like sci-fi and horror, this is a keeper.

Parasyte is a bit of an oddity for a recent anime title in that it is adapted from a manga series made a couple decades earlier whereas the majority of anime adapted from manga are based on ongoing and recent manga titles. In this sci-fi thriller, high school student Shinichi ...

Reviewed by Dream on March 25, 2015
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One of the better recent shoujo titles worth checking out.

The World Is Still Beautiful is a shoujo fantasy romantic comedy-drama set within a fictional land where a princess of the Rain Dukedom named Nike is arranged to be married to the Sun Kingdom's young ruler Livius in order for the Rain Dukedom to maintain its sovereignty. The series is ...

Reviewed by Dream on March 24, 2015
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
A rather shameful attempt by Gonzo to cash in on Last Exile.

To call Fam the Silver Wing a cash grab for Gonzo to milk off the popularity of Last Exile is sadly an accurate statement to describe this series. Gonzo had just recovered from declaring chapter 11 bankruptcy at the time they started production to this series and it looked like ...

Reviewed by Dream on March 20, 2015
The cream of the crop for the space opera genre.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes (which I'll call LotGH for the rest of this review) offered up perhaps the most expansive developments I've seen with an anime in my ten-plus years of anime fandom. With a very large cast of characters; in-depth focus on political ideologies and military strategies; an ...

Reviewed by Dream on March 20, 2015
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Some decent storytelling, yet quite cliched for a shounen title.

Zettai Karen Children is a shounen action-comedy focused on a government organization called BABEL tasked with serving as mediators in hostilities between espers and humans. Among the organization and main focus of the series are a trio of powerful esper 10-year old girls called "The Children" who are chaperoned by ...

Reviewed by Dream on March 9, 2015
A solid rom-com crippled greatly thanks to amnesia.

Have some rather mixed thoughts on this one. Golden Time is a romantic dramedy focused around our male lead Banri entering a law school to get caught up in some antics involving another student named Mitsuo and his rather aggressive childhood friend Kouko, who has an requited love interest in ...

Reviewed by Dream on Feb. 22, 2015
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Nothing groundbreaking, but still has some substance to it.

Pet Girl of Sakurasou is a romantic comedy-drama focused on our male lead, Sorata, forced to take residence at a school dormitory of eccentric students skilled in different talents. Upon becoming part of Sakurasou, Sorata has to wind up caring for a female resident named Mashiro Shina who is a ...

Reviewed by Dream on Feb. 12, 2015
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A fun and decent anime offering from the 1980s.

Cobra mostly follows our titular hero and his cyborg partner Lady Armaroid in their adventures traveling space as they cross paths with an intergalactic criminal organization called the Pirate Guild, which he was a former member of. In a way, the series has parallels to Lupin III as Cobra is ...

Reviewed by Dream on Jan. 31, 2015
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
One of Gonzo's better offerings, even with its flaws.

Blassreiter is a dark action-drama focused around the exploits of a German military organization known as XAT being tasked with fending off the threat arisen from biomechanical creatures called Demoniacs spawned from corpses and infecting the populace. Also battling the threat is a mysterious young man named Joseph who also ...

Reviewed by Dream on Jan. 20, 2015
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Mostly typical fare for a dating sim spinoff.

Love, Election and Chocolate is pretty much another anime based off a dating sim game with our male lead Yuki being surrounded with several girls he interacts with in his school club. To a good extent, the anime essentially milks the typical cliches and archetypes of dating sims, harems and ...

Reviewed by Dream on Jan. 11, 2015
Perfect for children, forgettable for anyone else.

I actually seen this baby nearly 20 years ago when I was a kid. But due to how little I could recall of Little Nemo, I never got around to writing a proper review for it until I got a copy of the film just recently to cover.A little known ...

Reviewed by Dream on Jan. 10, 2015
A fun stylish romp for a shounen title.

This first series of recent Jojo adaptations adapted two story arcs from the manga, Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency. With that being said, I will be reviewing both arcs to the series separately since their quality varies between both.Phantom Blood's role is to introduce Dio Brando and how he would ...

Reviewed by Dream on Jan. 8, 2015
3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
An okay sci-fi rom-com for what it has to offer up.

This one's a bit of a mixed bag for me. World of Narue seemingly mixes around sci-fi, romantic comedy and slice-of-life in its focus on our female alien lead Narue who gets a human boyfriend named Kazuto as they try maintaining a normal relationship despite Narue's alien origins leading to ...

Reviewed by Dream on Jan. 4, 2015
A poor attempt at incorporating story from Makoto Shinkai films.

The premise for Psychic School Wars was a bit misleading. I was assuming that this was some sort of sci-fi drama about struggling against psychic control over a school. Instead, I get a film that appeared to be trying to create something like Makoto Shinkai films that involve long-distance relationships ...

Reviewed by Dream on Jan. 3, 2015
Rather standard and dull fare for a space opera anime.

Heroic Age is mostly standard fare for a space opera-style series as humanity gains a powerful ally in the form of Age to lead them against the threat brought about through the powerful Silver Tribe, who have their own group of members who are as powerful as Age. The characters ...

Reviewed by Dream on Dec. 31, 2014
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