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It looks like ufotable is digging into more work from Type Moon. The studio that made animated adaptations of Fate/ Zero and the Kara no Kyoukai film series will be working on a remake of Fate/ Stay Night that will premiere as a TV anime in the Fall 2014 anime season. Takahiro Miura, the director of the two prior Type-Moon titles adapted, will lead in direction of this new adaptation of Stay Night.

Fate/Stay Night was previously adapted by Studio Deen in a 26-episode TV anime series back in 2006, which was licensed by Geneon in 2006 and then Sentai Filmworks in 2012. The 2006 TV anime was released by Sentai on DVD and Blu-Ray video formats last year.

Both titles are adaptations of Type Moon's popular visual novel game that was originally released in Japan in 2004. The series revolves around a high schooler named Shiro Emiya who becomes entangled in a tournament called the Holy Grail War that involve battles to the death involving the spirits of seven warriors famous from legendary and historical lore.

A trailer for the upcoming remake can be seen here:

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