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My Top 5 Best Anime Titles of 2012
This is probably a little early for me to be putting together since it's a month early before the end of 2012. But considering I haven't gotten as much enjoyment out of 2012 anime compared to the greatness of last year, I think I've come to terms with what I found to be the best anime that came out this year.
1. Kids on the Slope

Shinichiro Watanabe and Yoko Kanno are a great combo here. With a believable depiction of 1960s Japan, an excellent soundtrack with jazz music and popular music trends of the time and a great focus on the complicated love triangle between a trio of friends, this is hands-down my personal favorite anime of 2012.

2. Fate/Zero

Well, technically consider this Fate/ Zero 2. Ufotable continued pumping the series full of plenty of steam in the events leading up to the finale of the 4th Holy Grail of this second half to the series with fleshing out provided on Kiritsugu's past and what drove crooked priest Kirei to go rogue. The excellent animation quality and fluid battle scenes from the first season are retained here.

3. Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

A chapter of the Lupin III franchise that did quite a bit to stick out from the franchise's typical plot formula with much of the show's focus being on Fujiko's exploits this time around and a stylish animation style brought forth by some of the same talent that made Redline.

4. Jormungand

Follows in the footsteps of Black Lagoon and Baccano in creating a gritty and violent action anime title done right with enough depth provided on the exploits of Koko and her team of bodyguards involved in the dirty business of weapons dealing. My ranking also accounts for the second season, Jormungand: Perfect Order.

5. Daily Lives of High School Boys

My comedy anime of choice for this year. Everything this seemingly typical high school slice-of-life series tackled wasn't off limits for its comedy from the cliches of the genre to interactions with girls to even breaking the fourth wall. A definite treat over the countless number of tiresome slice-of-life comedies involving high school girls.

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