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The Winter 2015 season's winding down. Expect me to be whipping out a few reviews on titles I've been watching this season over the next few days.
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My Top 5 Best Anime of 2013

Another year is nearly done. So what better time to celebrate the occasion with my annual personal listing of The Best Anime of 2013.

1. Flowers of Evil

The anime that dared to be unconventional this year with its implementation of rotoscoped animation and use of psychological drama in its focus on the twisted developments of a young man finding his psyche pushed to its breaking point in his interactions with a demented girl his age.

2. The Devil is a Part-Timer!

My favorite comedy title of this year. Mixing fantasy/ adventure cliches with modern slice-of-life comedy involving a fast food restaurant job made for a unique and fun comical mix throughout this title's run.

3. The Garden of Words

A surprise hit for me this year considering I'm normally not a big Makoto Shinkai fan. By keeping his usual "long distance relationships suck" storytelling approach to a grounded style like 5 Centimeters per Second, Garden of Words creates a nice romantic drama that develops between a teen and an older woman that offers high quality animation and a surprise twist in what the older woman's background is.

4. Monogatari 2

This one's a step up from Nisemonogatari. The franchise's habits of perverted antics, long-winded yet relevant conversations and supernatural phenomena are retained here. Many of the arcs for this season serve to either create resolutions to character conflicts that a few of the gals were facing throughout the course of the franchise or explore additional elements to their characters that were never addressed in earlier seasons. Still a fun ride if you're a Monogatari franchise fan.

5. Kill la Kill

An insane, yet engaging action-comedy thus far that pays homage to 80s and 90s anime focusing on ridiculous elements of action anime like hot-blooded youth, over-the-top attacks, fan service and ridiculously influential student councils.

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Your list inspired me to do that blog. Please feel free to join.

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