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The Winter 2015 season's winding down. Expect me to be whipping out a few reviews on titles I've been watching this season over the next few days.
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My Top 10 Favorite Romance Anime

With Valentine's Day 2013 just around the corner as I make this, figured I would offer up a list of my personal favorite romance anime.

1. Koi Kaze

You don't see incest portrayed in a serious, tasteful light as often as this gem with the taboo relationship that develops between Koshiro and Nanoka throughout the course of the series.

2. His and Her Circumstances

A longtime favorite of mine with Yukino and Arima as one of my personal favorite pairings. This baby sticks out because unlike most anime that focus on relationship buildup up to when the pairing become official, His and Her Circumstances explores Yukino and Arima's developments when they are an official couple, even including looks into how each one views the relationship with the other.

3. Rumbling Hearts: Kiminozu

One of two hospital dramas I have on this list that explores an ugly love square between a group of friends whose developments get increasingly complicated when one of them gets in a coma from a brutal car accident.

4. Looking Up at the Half-Moon

Hospital drama #2 on this list, with this one featuring focus on a young man deciding if he should commit to a relationship with a girl he knows doesn't have too long to live thanks to terminal illness.

5. Video Girl Ai (OVA)

Another longtime favorite of mine focusing on the pains of unrequited love from a love square that effectively mixes romance, comedy and drama.

6. Emma - A Victorian Romance

A classic "love conquers all" story involving the overcoming of social classes for a romance set in an excellently portrayed Victorian era England.

7. Kimagure Orange Road

Favorite romance comedy for me with the crazy developments in Kyosuke, Hikaru and Madoka's relationship developments special thanks to the first's esper powers going wrong on him at the most inopportune moments.


The romantic drama facing many of the characters in this series with both the female leads named Nana and their friends make it an addicting watch throughout its entire run.

9. Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal

While not a pure romance anime, the tragedy that befalls Kenshin and Tomoe's doomed relationship thanks to their rival factions still makes it a powerful element of romance for this prequel to the Rurouni Kenshin series.

10. Tenchi Forever!

A chapter of the Tenchi Muyo franchise that sticks out quite prominently from other titles in the franchise. Ditching most of the franchise's trademark comedy and harem antics, Tenchi Forever offers the most powerful drama you can expect with the franchise as Ryoko and Ayeka try to track down the missing whereabouts of Tenchi and, at least for the Tenchi Universe continuity, Tenchi finally decides on which gal in his harem he loves.

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