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A treat for Lupin III fans. Discotek just announced on their Facebook pagethat they will be releasing the Lupin film, Castle of Cagliostro later this year on DVD and follow up with a Blu-Ray release either later this year or in early 2015. The release will include both of the English dubs made by Streamline Pictures and Manga Entertainment, as well as the original Japanese audio and intro.

Castle of Cagliostro was the second film to be made based on Monkey Punch's famous international thief character in 1979 and is famous for marking the first animated film to be directed by future founder of Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki. In this movie, Lupin tries to uncover the origins of a counterfeit money ring that brings him to the fictional country of Cagliostro where he tries to rescue a girl named Clarisse from being wedded to the villainous Count Cagliostro, who is connected to the mentioned counterfeit ring.

The movie was first brought to America by Streamline Pictures in 1991 with a New York City theatrical release and released to home video in October 1992. Manga Entertainment later obtained licensing rights to the movie in 2000 as they made a new English dub for it and released it on DVD.

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