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What was thought to be an impossibility from yours truly has become a reality. It was just announced on Discotek's Facebook pagethat the company will be planning a video release of School Days containing all 12 episodes of the series and the Magical Heart Kokoro-chan bonus OVA series for June 24 of this year. The release will come only with Japanese audio and English subtitles.

School Days is based on the eroge dating sim game released by 0verflow in Japan on PC on April 28, 2005, with the game having been released here in the United States in 2012 via the remastered School Days HQ release. The game is notable for having fully animated scenes that play out compared to the static shots of other dating sims and gaining infamy for its graphically violent "bad" endings. The storyline of the series is focused around high school student Makoto Itou finding himself caught up in a love triangle with love interests Sekai Saionji and Kotonoha Katsura, with any decisions you make in influencing Makoto's actions leading up to one of the game's endings.

The anime adaptation of the series was animated by TNK and aired on Japanese TV from July 3 to September 27 of 2007. The anime attracted a great deal of controversy with its final episode that would involve showing a variant of the game's bad endings. A real-life event in Japan that involved a teenage girl killing her father with an axe led to many of the show's broadcasters cancelling the airing of the episode and replacing it with a slideshow montage of live-action boat shots that led to the popular meme of "Nice Boat" to spawn from the events. Japanese premium channel AT-X would still air the episode, albeit in an edited format to censor the episode's violent content. The episode would be shown in its original, unedited format for its video release.

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