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Holding off on doing stuff for Ani-Crap at the moment. Just got into another major hassle involving my Internet provider.
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Well, it's not technically five seconds. But if you're a fan of Beck, you get some laughs out of this video I recently made.
Just be warned that this video does have profane language.
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Wanna know a little more about the deal between Walt Disney Pictures and Studio Ghibli that lets Disney distribute many of Ghibli's films throughout the world? Check out this video I made just recently to know a little more about the deal and the history behind it.
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This is pretty self-explanatory. Just wanted to show what anime I've got right now in my collection in this video.
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This is the longest video clip I've made to date topping at over 27 minutes. Here is my newest Top 10 list on anime titles that I think show the best amount of character depth and development. Because of its length, I winded up having to cut the video down into three parts so I could get the parts onto Youtube. So here are my separate clips of my Top 10 take on characterization in an anime:
Part 1
  Part 2
  Part 3
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Just a little something I got curious about with the recent theatrical release of Ponyo. After checking Box Office Mojo, I made this video featuring the top 10 highest grossing anime movies in America. Considering the licensing muscle and promotion that these movies had, you shouldn't be too surprised over the totals. Here's the video:
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