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It's been several months since I last gave you a look into my anime collection. Here's an updated look into how my collection is now.
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My latest video features my thoughts of every anime (whether completed, dropped or still watching) that I seen over the past year. Because of the video's length, I winded up dividing it into two halves: the first looking into titles I have dropped and the second part looking into what I have completed or still watching. Check them out and offer your thoughts!
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This is a new video segment I plan to do now and then covering the differences between the American and Japanese releases of specific scenes or content in an anime title as well as differences in dialogue with the English dub of an anime. My first title is Gainax's take on romance anime for His and Her Circumstances. You'll learn some differences between the Right Stuf and Japanese video release of this series.
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My latest video has all you need to know with Azumanga Daioh, involving the Yukari-mobile, in 5 seconds.
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My latest video has all you need to know concerning Gainax's classic romantic comedy from the 1990s, His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano) in 5 seconds.
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