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My Ani-Crap Review on Blade is now up: http://www.animevice.com/profile/dream/ani-crap-review-45-blade/107-11781/. The next poll will be up on the weekend of October 3.
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While I do find lolicon and shotacon to be lacking in taste for me, I think banning them outright would place a hazardous situation onto fans of that aspect of anime. Much like hentai, eroge and other similar outlets, lolicon and shotacon provide a means by which fans of it can let out their urges without inflicting them upon any real child in real life. After all, Japanese society does place very high standards on conformity and respect for others which there are people who find it very difficult to adapt to unless they have some outlet to let out any violent and/or sexual urges that doesn't inflict harm onto others in real life. I believe banning anything like lolicon and shotacon would increase the likelihood of such people committing a violent or sexual act in real life as without an outlet for their repressed aggression, there will be a breaking point where such people can't handle the pressures of society any longer.  There hasn't been any documented evidence that proves any lolicon or shotacon fans committing any real life crime against a living person. So as long as there isn't any such unbiased evidence behind this, I can't really support such a ban.
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Here's another 5 Second clip from me featuring Shion and Keiichi with a mix of fan service and violence.
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In this latest 5 Second clip I've made for Read or Die TV, Nenene doesn't want to let some skeletons out of her closet.
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For those of you who ever picked up the 1990s series Escaflowne, this should be a worthwhile treat for you. It seems there were some scenes left out of the TV release of the series due to time constraints when the show first aired back in Japan which I've been able to find some pics of. They've come out on video in Japan yet with Bandai picking up rights to the TV airing of the series, these scenes aren't on the Bandai American DVDs. You can check out the pics of the lost footage in this video clip I've just made recently.
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Gia's take on anime she would like to see get licensed tempted me into doing my own take of ten anime titles I'd like to see get licensed in the near future with a video. Check it out.
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