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In this three-part set of videos, I provide an update on my anime collection since I last showed it off in December. Enjoy!

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To celebrate the return of Roberta in the upcoming Black Lagoon OAV, thought I'd make a "5 Second" clip of Black Lagoon featuring her. Enjoy!
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My latest video in over a month. Figured I'd be less serious with making something so figured I'd "arrange" something with a certain funny scene from the Cowboy Bebop episode, Mushroom Samba.

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This season features a large number of titles that looked promising when I had first heard of their premises back in February. After all, I've had a hard enough time finding more than one or two titles to like from anime seasons over the past couple years. So far, this season has had its ups and downs for me with titles with stuff I found myself liking and others I couldn't survive more than an episode or two of. So here's a look at what I've seen and my thoughts thus far:
1. Angel Beats
The first title of the season I had the opportunity of watching. From what I seen of the first half of the first episode, it didn't seem to be floating into the moeblob trap that past Key storybook game spinoffs like Kanon and Clannad tend to do. But I couldn't really latch onto the mix of action and comedy that the series was giving off with the repeated killings and resurrections of the male protagonist and the attitude of the girl claiming to be an angel resistance force member.
2. Arakawa Under the Bridge
Definitely my favorite title for this season. Arakawa is a nutty comedy that explores the interactions between perfectionist rich man Kou Ichinomiya and the eccentric people under the bridge that strange girl Nino lives with in their own strange society. The laughs from the series come from Kou's attempts at trying to understand his new "girlfriend" and the other locals as what he normally perceives as normal isn't really the case with the people he tries to blend in with. Featuring such nutty locals like a gun-tooting man dressed as a nun and Arakawa's "mayor" dressed in a kappa costume, the past three episodes have done enough at having me roll around in laughter each week.
3. Senkou no Night Raid
Seeing the trailer to this series, I assumed Night Raid was gonna be a down-to-earth spy action title set in 1920s China. That was, until I found out the spies in question were super powered and that the historical details for the conflicts in question would be skewed to demonize the Chinese when I seen the show's first episode. Not sure what direction the series plans to go, but if the agents aren't gonna have any major challenges to face and the history skewing annoys me enough, I won't be watching Night Raid for much longer.
4. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
Of what I seen in the first episode, Rainbow had so much melodrama, it wasn't even funny. The first episode had a bad enough habit of rubbing in my face the hardships faced by the youth and what they had coming up: the intrusive narrator, the pedophile doctor, the scumbag prison warden, the repetitious mentions of being unwanted by society, music full of enough angst. I don't feel like being exposed to this for the show's entire run so I don't plan on watching anymore of Rainbow's melodrama.
5. Working!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   With the premise of a comedic take on working at a restaurant, Working seemed like a new take for a comedy title. Unfortunately, I felt enough deja vu with the character archetypes I seen take center stage in the show's first two episodes where I couldn't really find myself laughing. The series up to this point consisted of a "small" loving new worker (debatable lolicon), the mellow manager who causes hell if you cross her (Haruka Urashima), the child-looking sempai (any moe character you could think of) and the man-hating waitress (Kanako of Maria-Holic, Motoko of Love Hina). Chose to ditch this after the show's second episode.
6. House of Five Leaves
House of Five Leaves is a title I'm interested in seeing where it leads concerning Akitsu as he gets entangled in the world of the Five Leaves gang led by Yaichi. The pacing is slow, which is perfect in creating build up over the continued bewilderment and curiosity Akitsu has with the questionable actions of the outlaws that he is interacting with. The visuals took a little getting used to since the character designs weren't the typical big-eyed look from current titles and depending on taste, the design style could be considered ugly or artistic to whomever watches it.
7. The Tatami Galaxy
This one's a strange little cookie. Like John_Martone and gia mentioned in their video review, the rapid-fire dialogue from the narration and some characters made it quite difficult for me at some points to keep up with reading the English subtitles. What's also bizarre are some of the style choices in the artwork such as a mix of live-action and animated shots, lack of color on the main character and the designs of certain characters such as a shark-jawed troublemaking friend and a self-proclaimed matchmaking god with an oversized chin. Beyond the fast dialogue and bizarre visuals though is a decent focus on a college student agonizing over any possibilities of romance that he tries to work up the resolve to confront. I'll be keeping an eye on Tatami Galaxy.
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After two weeks juggling making this and real life stuff, I've finally got my Last Exile review up. As usual with TV titles, I have this review divided into two parts with my thoughts on the series and how you can get it are in the first part with the second part covering my thoughts of the English dub and the features on the disc. And boy did I have enough to point out with the English dub (mostly good ways, though I have some nitpicking). My next review will cover another Studio Ghibli title. So be sure to check it out.

If you want to suggest titles from my collection you would like for me to cover, check out this link to my Youtube channel and look in the profile for a listing of titles I have yet to review. Post below for what you would like for me to review at some point.
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