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Pretty much done with submitting any more stuff on here with the site shutdown coming.
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I noticed some funky looking artwork in the recent Pein/ Kyubi Naruto fight that I couldn't help but put this "extra touch" onto a few clips. So, here's Naruto Shippuden with Pein's Deva Path in 5 seconds.
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And for the next poll, you guys get to decide what anime movie I should look into as even I haven't seen every nook and cranny for anime movies that are offered. Click here to make your vote before August 1. And like last month, here's a teaser of some of the titles I have being polled.
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In this two-part video, I offer up my thoughts on ten anime titles that I believe are the best to show off to those new to the world of anime. Enjoy!
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Some folks have already come across the poll within Just Anime. But I figured since I'm in need of something to do regularly here on Vice, why not do this. This will be a monthly poll I will be doing where I will allow folks on Anime Vice to play devil's advocate to influence my anime watching by voting for ten specific titles off a question I propose. Each poll will run for approximately the last three weeks of the month that I run each poll and whichever anime receives the most votes by the end of the voting period, I will be watching or re-watching said title and write up my thoughts of it in a review after I complete it.
And now, I'll get into the first poll I'm running. Many of us have likely come across a number of anime titles which we drop after a few episodes because of being frustrated by first impressions they give us. I'm no stranger to this myself as I have been more shrewd of what anime I choose to watch in recent years and I ignore the pleas of those who say said anime title gets better later in its run as I move on to other titles. I have picked ten anime titles, both old and new, that have been receiving a great amount of hype and talk by fans that I dropped after four episodes or less due to being frustrated by first impressions. In this thread, you can select what title you want to drag me back into watching. Whatever has the most votes by July 1 will be the title I resume watching and review when I complete watch of it. Just as a preview, here's a quick sampling of what I have included. 
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Thanks to Evangelion 2.0, there's now a new pairing for Shinji coupling shippers to cheer for. Enjoy! :P
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