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Cartoon Network's Twitter account confirmed just today that they have acquired television broadcast rights to air Black Lagoon. The series will premiere on the network's Toonami block starting Saturday, March 22 where it will replace Soul Eater's current time slot of 1:30 AM.

The 12-episode action anime is adapted from Rei Hiroe's seinen manga series that aired in 2006. The series focuses on Japanese salaryman Rokuro "Rock" Okajima becoming involved with a trio of pirates called Black Lagoon Company who have their headquarters in the crime-infested Thailand town of Ronapour.

The series was originally licensed and released to American home video by Geneon in 2007, before the distributor closed down later in the year which left future volumes of the series in limbo. Funimation acquired licensing rights to the series in 2008, releasing both seasons of the series on DVD and Blu-Ray formats. They have since also released the third OVA installment of the series, Roberta's Blood Trail, onto DVD and Blu-Ray.

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