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Pretty much done with submitting any more stuff on here with the site shutdown coming.
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After two weeks juggling making this and real life stuff, I've finally got my Last Exile review up. As usual with TV titles, I have this review divided into two parts with my thoughts on the series and how you can get it are in the first part with the second part covering my thoughts of the English dub and the features on the disc. And boy did I have enough to point out with the English dub (mostly good ways, though I have some nitpicking). My next review will cover another Studio Ghibli title. So be sure to check it out.

If you want to suggest titles from my collection you would like for me to cover, check out this link to my Youtube channel and look in the profile for a listing of titles I have yet to review. Post below for what you would like for me to review at some point.
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