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Before I start this review, I want to give thanks to Wraith for pointing out some relevant information for me during voting revolving around the premise for Sleeping with Hinako. Otherwise, here we go with this quick review. 

Isshoni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako is the second of a series of three OAV titles released by Primastea on February 11, 2010 that involve an otaku pandering premise revolving around its titular female character, Hinako.

      This is all you see for much of the first half if you got a fansub!
      This is all you see for much of the first half if you got a fansub!

The Plot

Hinako is back to teach you, the viewer, how to sleep! Seriously, this is all there is for the premise.

Notable Character


 Hinako- A former hikikomori who turns into a busty and attractive anime character. This motivates her into wanting to encourage otaku to get into shape. She loves exercising, bathing and sleeping; as well as dressing in lingerie and school gym outfits. 





Why It Sucks

Sleeping with Hinako is another of many anime titles made in the 2009-2010 period whose sole purpose of existence is only to pander to the otaku crowd.

This OAV is notable in the fact that you can actually program the DVD or Blu-Ray disc of it (if you actually have it instead of a fansub) to let you sleep for 6 or 8 hour intervals and adjust it accordingly depending on one’s sleeping habits. The disc then randomizes different animated footage from the disc accordingly to create the illusion of Hinako  sleeping along with you and it would then wake you up via alarm once the amount of time set is up.

   One of many obligatory ass shots as Hinako sleeps.   
   One of many obligatory ass shots as Hinako sleeps.   

Sleeping with Hinako features the typical elements you would find in an otaku pandering work with Hinako being your cute, naïve and well-endowed gal who you regularly get to see enough boob and panty shots with throughout the title. With the gimmick offered through this OAV, there is hardly any type of plot to be found in it, outside of Hinako’s occasional interactions with the viewer. The anime quite often reuses animated frames to go along with the different shots that are randomized when set up for sleep.

If you did wind up getting the fansub for Sleeping with Hinako, then it makes watching the OAV rather boring as much of the first half of it only features different shots of a sleeping Hinako that would be cycled through on disc releases of it, followed by the title’s “special events” and three different endings.

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