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Seikon no Qwaser was an ecchi comedy/ fantasy/ adventure series animated by Hoods Entertainment that aired for 24 episodes from January 9 to June 19 of 2010. The anime is based on the ongoing shounen manga series written by Hiroyuki Yoshino and illustrated by Kenetsu Sato for Champion Red magazine. It was edited for TV broadcast during its original TV airing and was shown uncensored via webcast on AnimeOne. The anime was recently licensed for American video distribution and digital release by Sentai Filmworks, who plan to release the series later this year. 

      One of Seikon no Qwaser's many overemphasized moments on boobs.
      One of Seikon no Qwaser's many overemphasized moments on boobs.

The Plot:

At the private Eastern Orthodox school known as St. Mihailov Academy, high school student Mafuyu Oribe encounters a young Russian boy named Aleksander “Sasha” Nikolaevich Hell who possesses the unique ability to manipulate the element of iron. He is one of many superpowered beings called Qwasers who have the ability to manipulate a different element and rely on sucking on the breast milk of girls to replenish their powers. Sasha is in conflict with a group of powerful Qwasers called the Adepts who have sinister plans that revolve around the St. Mihailov campus.

Notable Characters (from left to right): 








-Alexander “Sasha” Nikolaevich Hell- A young Russian Qwaser with the ability to manipulate iron. He has journeyed to Japan to seek revenge on the Adepts who killed his former caretaker, Olja, as a child and struggles in bonding with others while living as a student at St. Mihailov.

-Mafuyu Oribe-  A St. Mihailov student who was the adopted daughter of the academy’s last dean and puts up with bullying from classmates. She becomes involved in Sasha’s fights against the Adepts throughout the series.

-Ekaterina “Katja” Kurae- Another young Qwaser with the ability to manipulate copper through a large puppet she controls called “Mama”. A sharp-tongued girl who normally dresses in gothic lolita attire, takes on the guise of an innocent girl while around others in public and has interest in sadomasochistic acts which she normally performs on her willing partner, Hana Katsuragi.

-Teresa Beria- A Serbian Orthodox nun who accompanies Sasha on his journey to Japan who normally serves as the boy’s source of replenishment for his Qwaser powers.

-Tomo Yamanobe- The well-endowed, weak and naïve best friend and roommate of Mafuyu. 


Why It Sucks:

Seikon no Qwaser was part of an ongoing trend of ecchi anime in 2010 that developed some kind of perverted fetish to hook in its horny otaku fanbase, this being the consumption of breast milk that serves as a Qwaser’s source of replenishment of their powers.

     Sorry Sasha, but not even your badassery can save this turd.
     Sorry Sasha, but not even your badassery can save this turd.
 Large boobs, breast sucking and lactating are pretty much the norm in this series thanks to its premise, alongside other perverted content as essentially every character in this series is either a rapist, sadomasochist, sociopath, victim, someone who has it coming or someone who has no control over themselves. The anime tries to pass itself off as a serious title on many occasions throughout its run thanks to Sasha’s conflict with the Adepts and a number of the characters having tragic pasts. But because of its breast milk gimmick being a prominent part of the series, serious moments such as battle scenes and character development come across as creepy, awkward and uncomfortable thanks to the sight of breast sucking, nudity and other perverted antics you may come across during such moments.   

 Looking past Seikon no Qwaser’s perverted content, the anime is essentially nothing more than a clichéd plot with character archetypes you likely would have seen done to death from other conventional anime titles. The protagonists and school students seen throughout the series are a hodge-podge of characters seen from high school comedy/ fan service titles like the sharp-tongued loli, the shy gal, the ojou, the ditz and the tomboy. The villains are nothing more than either mooks who inevitably will get killed off or self-centered baddies who think they are better than everyone else and desire world domination of some sort, no different from any baddie you find from a long-running shounen action anime or manga.

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