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Recently, My Sister is Unusual (also known as Saikin, Imōto no Yōsu ga Chotto Okashiin Da Ga) was a 12-episode ecchi/ comedy TV series that aired from January 4 to March 22 of this year and animated by Project No. 9. The series is based on the ongoing manga series written by Mari Matsuzawa since November 9, 2010. The series was edited for television broadcast to censor some of its perverted content, which will be unedited for its video release in Japan.

The show faced some controversy in its broadcast run on two Japanese TV stations, Tokyo MX and Sun TV, as it got subject to a broadcast decency investigation from a media watchdog group called Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization for its sexually explicit themes airing in an early evening time slot. In response to this, the mentioned networks moved the show to late night time slots.

The Plot

It gets worst for you from here, imouto.
It gets worst for you from here, imouto.

High school student Mitsuki Kanzaki gains an older stepbrother named Yuya when her mother remarries another divorcee. With both parents transferred overseas, Mitsuki is very distant in her relationship with Yuya due to the sudden developments. Her predicament becomes further complicated when a ghost girl named Hiyori starts possessing her body to try making sexual advances on Yuya and is stuck wearing a chastity belt. For the belt to be permanently removed and to get rid of Hiyori, Mitsuki must fill up a meter attached to the belt that rises whenever she experiences sexual feelings for Yuya.

Notable Characters (from left to right)

  • Mitsuki Kanzaki- The female lead of the series. She has a strained relationship with her new stepbrother due to the sudden developments of her mother's remarriage. To her dismay, she is outfitted with a chastity belt and must help Hiyori in trying to start up a relationship with Yuya.
  • Yuya Kanzaki- Mitsuki's stepbrother who desires to have a good relationship with her despite their issues. He assumes that Hiyori and Mitsuki are in a lesbian relationship due to the number of misunderstood predicaments he sees with the two and Mitsuki's chastity belt.
  • Hiyori Kotobuki- The spirit of a dead girl who strongly loved Yuya in her former life and tries pushing Mitsuki in an incestuous relationship with Yuya to allow her spirit to move onto the afterlife, often possessing Mitsuki's body to accomplish this.
  • Yukina Kiritani- Yuya's well-endowed childhood friend, whom he sees as an older sister figure. Oblivious to him, Yukina has feelings for Yuya.

Why It Sucks

While I personally feel some of the infamy of this series is overboard, My Sister is Unusual is still rather bad quality wise and much of this has to do with Hiyori's character being the center of much of the perverted content of the series. Her character is rather obnoxious as she regularly lusts for Yuya and will possess an unwilling Mitsuki's body at points to accomplish this.

Might wanna run before she jumps your bones, boy.
Might wanna run before she jumps your bones, boy.

Most of the show's ecchi content involves Hiyori trying to seduce Yuya while in Mitsuki's body, the ghost girl molesting Mitsuki, predicaments involving Mitsuki's chastity belt or Yuya having misunderstandings about Mitsuki's predicament. The incest vibes that are caused from this title's predicament are mostly triggered by Hiyori's behavior and the show's ecchi content is light in many later episodes, despite the heavy loads that are immediately offered in the title's earlier two episodes.

Beyond the ecchi content, there isn't very much else My Sister is Unusual has to offer. Most of the other characters follow standard character archetypes found in romance titles such as this and for much of the attraction that Yuya gets from Hiyori and other girls, his personality is rather bland. The show has hints of depth it usually drops with Hiyori and Mitsuki that involve their possession and remarriage situations respectively. However, these get little focus due to the title's focus being more on Hiyori being her obnoxious and horny self. The ending to this is especially bad as it trolls the viewer into thinking it ends too conveniently, yet tosses in a poor plot twist that actually leads the series to end inconclusively.

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