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R-15 was a 12-episode ecchi/ harem comedy TV anime that originally aired in Japan from July 10 to September 25 of 2011 and was animated by AIC. The series was based on the light novel series written by Hiroyuki Fushimi from July 2009 to August 2012. The series was aired in an edited format for TV broadcast and released unedited for its video release. It is available for legal streaming via Crunchyroll.

The Plot

Our lead swimming in lingerie and other random stuff.
Our lead swimming in lingerie and other random stuff.

Inspiration Academy Private High School is a school for gifted high school geniuses that is attended by Taketo Akutagawa, who is known to write erotic novels. Considered a pervert by many among his class, Taketo aims to be the top student of the school and attempts to befriend several students among the school's female student body.

Notable Characters (from left to right)

  • Taketo Akutagawa- The main lead of the series. An erotic writer who is unpopular among many in the school as he often has nosebleeds from having lewd fantasies about those among the school's female student body that he uses as inspiration in writing his novels.
  • Fukune Narukawa- A shy clarinetist who is the first girl that Taketo befriends. She struggles to meet up to the high standards set up for her by her father.
  • Raika Meiki- A photographer for the academy newspaper who regularly tags along with Taketo to use him as a model for her work and tends to take photos of him during his embarrassing predicaments.
  • Kurumi Kuroki- The chief of the academy newspaper club normally protected by a pair of bodyguards.
  • Utae Sonokoe- A popular pop idol who is one of the few in the academy to not mind Taketo's erotic writing.
  • Ran Musen- A computer programmer whose proficiency is such that she can hack government satellites and computers. She is the most hateful of Taketo's erotic writing within the academy.
  • Tsukuru Kagaku- An inventor known to make machines and devices that malfunction, usually at Taketo's inconvenience.
  • Ritsu Enshu- Taketo's close friend and a mathematician. When aroused, Taketo normally has him recite pi to calm down.
  • Botan Beni- An avant-garde artist known for painting people's bodies and using other students for her canvases.

Why It Sucks

R-15 is yet another ecchi title with a premise that is a thinly-veiled excuse to show off perverted content involving our male lead and several girls he gets acquainted with at Inspiration Academy throughout the show's run.

Makes one wonder why they even bother airing this on TV.
Makes one wonder why they even bother airing this on TV.

The characters are all two-dimensional archetypes you would find out of high-school-themed and harem titles, many of whom hardly getting much in the way of fleshing out. The plot is mostly centered on Taketo becoming acquainted with a different archetypal girl, earning their trust and using whatever situation each girl is in as inspiration for his erotic novels. Also, perverted content is mostly the norm in this turd with lewd fantasies, revealing attire, undressed moments, innuendo gags, panty shots and compromising situations being shown at many points throughout this series.

Of particular note with this show is the way it censored its content for its TV broadcast. Beams of light are used to cover up any questionable content visually shown. However, there are points where this censorship gets quite overboard and even inconsistent as there are points undressed states like panty and lingerie shots are either censored or not at all, even if said shots weren't gratuitous or bordering on showing outright nudity.

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