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Kodomo no Jikan is a 12-episode ecchi/ romantic comedy anime that was animated by Studio Barcelona and aired on Japanese TV from October 12 to December 28 of 2007. The series was based on the 13 volume seinen manga series created by Kaworu Watashiya and published in Comic High magazine from May 22, 2005 to April 22, 2013.

The series is quite controversial and infamous among many anime and manga fans for its lolicon content, which affected the series to varying degrees. North American manga distributor Seven Seas Entertainment originally planned to release Kodomo no Jikan in the United States in 2007 under the name Nymphet. But due to concerns about the title's appropriateness to American audiences, Seven Seas was forced to cancel plans for releasing the manga series stateside.

Kodomo no Jikan's reputation also affected its TV anime broadcast run in Japan. Two TV stations that were originally going to air the series, TV Saitama and Mie TV, removed it from their broadcast schedule. TV Saitama would later make a press release announcing that they decided to cancel their plans of broadcasting the series due to concerns that the series could be associated with a then-recently arrested child pornographer named Takayuki Hosoda, who was revealed to have been the vice principal of an elementary school before his arrest. Broadcasters that aired the series aired edited versions of the episodes that had varying levels of censorship applied to them. Japanese DVD releases of the series would show the episodes completely unedited.

The Plot

This is the high point of the series. Endure five episodes of lolicon ecchi content before you reach it.
This is the high point of the series. Endure five episodes of lolicon ecchi content before you reach it.

Daisuke Aoki is a 23 year old young man who recently gained his first teaching job as a grade school instructor at Futasubashi Elementary School. He is placed in charge of the mischievous students of Class 3-1 where he encounters Rin Kokonoe, a nine-year old precocious and troublemaking girl that develops a crush on Aoki and desires to be his girlfriend. Aoki finds his teaching career complicated by Rin's romantic efforts, the antics of Rin and her friends and dealing with the complicated relationships involving his students and the adults within their lives.

Notable Characters (from left to right)

  • Daisuke Aoki- A recent addition to the teaching staff at Futasubashi Elementary School. Having idealistic notions about his job, Aoki finds his intentions tested dealing with the complications of his job that come from the advances and mischief caused by Rin and her friends.
  • Rin Kokonoe- A nine-year old mischievous girl with a large crush on Aoki, known to make forcible advances on the teacher and willing to jeopardize the man's job to have him acknowledge her. She normally causes trouble for Aoki with her two friends, Kuro and Mimi.
  • Kuro Kagami- One of Rin's close friends who comes from a wealthy family and known to indulge in expensive fashions, mostly Gothic Lolita mixed with catgirl ears and tail. Kuro is known to make snide remarks about Aoki's virginity.
  • Mimi Usa- A shy and reserved girl with glasses who is also a close friend of Rin's. Her shyness, intelligence and unusually well-endowed figure for her age made her a target for bullying and teasing among students and her previous homeroom teacher before she befriended Rin and Kuro.
  • Reiji Kokonoe- Rin's first cousin and current guardian. Having suffered from an abusive past from his parents as a child, Reiji moved in with Rin's mother, Aki, and fell in love with her. After Aki's death, Reiji became Rin's guardian and becomes overly protective of Rin to the point where he hates the close affection that she has for Aoki.

Why It Sucks

While I do feel some of the infamy to Kodomo no Jikan feels a bit overblown, this is still a turkey of a series that relies very heavily on tasteless humor involving its quite young female cast and having wasted potential on an element to its story.

Breast groping a 9-year old well-endowed girl? Ugh, I feel dirty.
Breast groping a 9-year old well-endowed girl? Ugh, I feel dirty.

Seemingly catering to the lowest of the otaku fanbase, Kodomo no Jikan milks ecchi humor off the questionable behavior of Rin and her friends. Occasions of Aoki walking in on fourth grade girls undressing, Rin making sexual advances on the guy, panty shots with Rin and pals, an episode that has some creepy humor involving Mimi's surprisingly well-developed bust size and innuendo gags that involve double entendres and teasing about Aoki's virginity are the norm for much of the series.

Good kids shouldn't be giving their teachers hard-ons.
Good kids shouldn't be giving their teachers hard-ons.

For the most part, many of the characters fulfill the same tiresome character types you can expect out of modern high school rom-coms such as Aoki being the idealistic doormat to the antics of Rin and pals, Kuro being the sharp-tongued ojou, Mimi the busty and shy glasses girl and Rin being part tsundere and part sexually aggressive student in her advances toward Aoki.

However the show has a story element that makes you question “what if” when a later episode reveals the pasts of Rin and her guardian Reiji, that is the best quality element of the series and a rather tragic back story. The developments of this story element are focused on again in the final two episodes of the series, though build up to a somewhat inconclusive ending due to the anime's limited remaining episode count and having caught up to the manga source material. The mentioned backstory with Rin and Reiji had me thinking Kodomo no Jikan could have worked better if it committed more to serious drama involving dilemmas faced by Aoki's class instead of mostly littering the series with the exploitative and tasteless behavior coming from Rin and her friends towards Aoki.

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