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To those who haven't received the news, this will be my last Ani-Crap Review I'll be doing for the next two months as I will be taking a hiatus from posting this section onto Anime Vice. Don't fret, as I will be back in December to continue my usual ripping into the worst of anime with Ani-Crap. The next run I plan to do with this will be my final one, though I'm hoping I can push 50 reviews before all is said and done! I actually have a planned monthly theme I want to implement with this at some point. But I'll reveal it when the time comes. Otherwise, on with the review and I'll return with Ani-Crap in December.

Seikon no Qwaser II is the 12-episode sequel to the similarly-named first season of the ecchi/ action series that I covered in an earlier Ani-Crap Review. The series was animated by Hoods Entertainment for TV broadcast from April 11 to June 28 of 2011, which was heavily censored for television airings and shown uncensored on the online streaming site called AnimeOne. The series was released to video in America earlier this year by Sentai Filmworks and can be streamed in its unedited format on the Anime Network website.

The Plot

Ekaterina showing off her S&M slaves.
Ekaterina showing off her S&M slaves.

Sasha has received word that a magical circuit called the Magdalena of Thunder is present among one of the student body at an all-girl's academy called Roman Curia Surei Academy. Taking the guise of a female transfer student, Sasha is unaware that an Adept named Wan Chen has infiltrated the school as well to acquire the Magdalena of Thunder for his group's plans of world domination.

Notable Characters (from left to right)

Note: To learn more about the major characters of the Seikon no Qwaser franchise, please refer to my Ani-Crap Review on the first season or any wiki article about it here on Anime Vice. I will only be covering new characters with prominent roles that appear in this season of the series.

  • Tsubasa Amano- One of Sasha's classmates during his infiltration of Roman Curia. She has been bound to a wheelchair since childhood due to an accident involving the virtual world that was created for the school by her grandfather. Unbeknownst to her, Tsubasa is the bearer of the Magdalena of Thunder.
  • Miyuki Seta- A top student at Roman Curia who is the leader of an elite group of students called the Sorority. She is a close friend of Tsubasa and seems to have a romantic interest in her.
  • Ayame Satsuki- A Sorority member at Roman Curia with an obsession with Miyuki, yuri and lolicon. To her dismay, she later finds herself becoming a sadomasochistic slave to Ekaterina.
  • Wan Chen- A member of the Adepts with the power to manipulate silicon and Sasha's main foe during his quest for the Magdalena of Thunder at Roman Curia.

Why It Sucks

This second season of Seikon no Qwaser carries many of the same issues that plagued its first season. The series still milks gross-out ecchi content using its breast-sucking gimmick for action, comedy and dramatic moments that are as creepy and uncomfortable as the first season and still take away from meaningful moments that the series attempts to explore.

If you think this is cute, pray you don't get whacked.
If you think this is cute, pray you don't get whacked.

In addition, the cast and plot elements for this series are still as cliched and archetypal as they were from the first season. If you've seen a good number of anime titles, you will pick up on things like the loner avenger with a heart of gold (Sasha), the well-endowed ditz (Tomo) and the evil organization out to take over the world (Adepts) pretty quickly.

In addition to these issues, this season is surprisingly worst than the first one since the quality of its second half takes a big hit after things are resolved with Sasha's quest at Roman Curia. The series shifts back to St. Mihailov Academy with the main cast as the series shifts to slice-of-life and comedic filler that do nothing at advancing the show's plot, even with hints dropped of a new threat looming at the academy. The final episode then rushes through its revelations concerning the new threat and hinting of more to come from the Adepts in a montage at the end of the episode, abruptly leaving the series open-ended for a possible third season.

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