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Queen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin was a 12-episode ecchi/ action anime that aired from April 2 to June 19 of 2009. While airing uncensored during its broadcast run on AT-X, the series was heavily censored on other channels it aired on in Japan. The series was based on a manga series franchise made for several seinen magazines like HJ Bunko and Comp Ace, which were published from 2007 to 2011. The series was released to DVD for American audiences by Media Blasters in 2010.

The Plot

Gotta be disturbing if your boobs are bigger than your head.
Gotta be disturbing if your boobs are bigger than your head.

A battle tournament called Queen's Blade is held every four years within the Continent's capital, Gainos, between various female warriors to crown a new Queen who will rule the Continent. A young woman named Leina, heiress of the acclaimed Vance family, travels to Gainos to take part in the tournament and encounters several warriors along her journey who have differing reasons for being involved in the tournament.

Notable Characters (from left to right)

  • Leina- The main lead of the series who is the middle sister and successor of the Vance Family, an aristocratic family of nobles. However, she has no desire of being countess and desires to venture the world like her mother, donning her armor for her journey to Gainos.
  • Risty- A thief who uses the money she steals to support a shelter for children orphaned by war and desires to win the Queen's Blade tournament to help the orphans. She aids Leina during the early part of their journey together.
  • Nowa- A girl of mixed elf and human heritage serving as a guardian of her forest home and deals with prejudice from other elves due to her mixed bloodline. She normally doesn't wear undergarments, a habit that disturbs some among the cast.
  • Tomoe- A priestess from the island of Hinomoto seeking to enter the Queen's Blade tournament to halt a power struggle going on within her land and to avenge the deaths of her fellow priestesses who were slain by ninja hired by her enemies.
  • Echidna- A wild elf mercenary who takes an interest in Leina and is known to be aggressive in showing her emotions towards those who interest her. She's an expert with wielding bladed weapons and wears her pet snake Keltan as a thong.
  • Menace- A princess from the Egyptian-like Amara Kingdom resurrected by the Swamp Witch to be part of her army. Instead, Menace broke free from the witch's control and seeks to restore her kingdom.
  • Elina- The youngest of the Vance family sisters with an incestuous interest in middle sister Leina.
  • Airi- A scythe-raiding ghost maid who is another of the Swamp Witch's minions with the power to absorb her opponent's vitality through physical contact, mainly by kissing them.
  • Nanael- A self-absorbed angel who serves as the overseer of the Queen's Blade tournament.
  • Cattleya- A swordsmith who is notable for her forgings of swords and capable of wielding an enormous sword called the Giant Slayer. She is notable for her massive bust size, being 120 centimeters in circumference.
  • Shizuka- A kunoichi who used to serve as part of the Kouma Ninjas before she defected from the group to become Tomoe's guardian.
  • Melona- The third of the Swamp Witch's minions composed of a pink liquid substance that allows her to shapeshift into objects and other people, as well as travel to other places. She is capable of squirting a volatile liquid substance from her nipples and can make use of a sword created from her hair.
  • Claudette- The oldest of the Vance family daughters, but is not in the family's line of succession due to being an illegitimate child. She wields the sword Thunderclap, which is capable of controlling lightning.
  • Ymir- A young dwarf girl entering the Queen's Blade tournament to prove the superiority of her kingdom's weapons.

Why It Sucks

If there's a fetish or character type that appeals to the otaku crowd, Queen's Blade is likely to have it. For the most part, the series is one big excuse to show off the attire of its scantily-clad fighters and the perverted quirks that a number of them indulge in. There are plenty of boob and ass shots to be seen throughout the series, along with a nice amount of nudity and sexual predicaments that come along thanks to the antics of a number of this title's characters.

Imagine if Saber had to put up with this.
Imagine if Saber had to put up with this.

The first season of Queen's Blade is meant to introduce many of the characters who will be competing in the tournament. While many of them do get their focus to explore why they are participating in the tournament, it is hard to get attached to their characters when their personalities are paper-thin archetypes and the most prominent aspect that fans tend to focus on will be either their well-endowed figures, the fetish that they personify and/or the notable sexual quirk that they have. The series is also intentionally left open-ended for the second season of Queen's Blade, which would focus on the progress of the tournament.

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