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Mouse was a 12-episode adventure/ harem comedy anime aired on Japanese TV from January 5 to March 23 of 2003, with each episode airing for 15 minutes a piece. The anime was animated by Studio Deen and based on the manga series written by Satoru Akahori and illustrated by Hiroshi Itaba for the seinen magazine, Young Animal, from April 28, 2000 to October 29, 2004. A rather interesting fact about Mouse is that the series actually aired on a children’s channel called Kids Station during the time of its broadcast in Japan.

The series is currently licensed in America by Media Blasters under their Anime Works distribution line, with the series still in print by the company.

The Plot

Sorata and his fellow Slutsketeers
Sorata and his fellow Slutsketeers

A young college art teacher named Sorata Muon takes on the secret identity of Mouse, a professional thief whose exploits have been passed down through his family for 400 years. Assisted by his three highly devoted and attractive assistants, Mouse is able to successfully elude capture by authorities and steal whatever valuables he declares he will steal, no matter how secure and protected they are.

Notable Characters (from left to right)

  • Sorata Muon- A popular college art teacher who follows his family’s centuries long tradition of being the thief, Mouse, and is normally in toll with his three attractive assistants.
  • Mei Momozono- A busty computer and physics expert and the first of Sorata’s assistants to be acquainted with him. Appears to be a shotacon as she got turned on meeting with Sorata when they first met when he was in his teens and she being older than him.
  • Yayoi Kuribayashi- A busty biology expert who had a fear of men before meeting up with Sorata to become one of his assistants. Has the most sexually driven personality of Sorata’s assistants.
  • Kakio Hazuki- An expert martial artist suffering from multiple personality disorder who is the third of Sorata’s assistants. Has a cosplay fetish and the unusual habit of appearing in strange places like the bathroom or a washing machine.

Why It Sucks

The thievery attire of the Slutsketeers.
The thievery attire of the Slutsketeers.

The major low point of Mouse comes in the form of the three assistants that assist Sorata with his thefts. Clearly being the selling points of the series, their roles are seemingly only being sluts content to serving Sorata and wishing to have their way with him with their suggestive attires and behavior, as well as the prominent large busts found with Mei and Yayoi. While their sexual advances on Sorata are not frequent in Mouse, the three girls still aren’t too appealing on the eyes thanks to the title’s subpar animation as their details look rather crude and rough

Beyond the assistants, Mouse is focused on a number of storylines throughout its run that involve Sorata’s various thefts, how he met his assistants and crossing paths with an enemy syndicate wishing to kill him and his assistants off for their thievery. While there’s enough substance in the series for some semblance of a plot, all the show’s characters are stuck with whatever character archetype they are tacked on with and don’t do much of anything to grow out of it. The thievery of Mouse and his crew isn’t even too interesting of a plot element to be hooked on as the plans for his thefts are too ridiculous to take seriously, with a couple instances where he literally steals entire buildings.

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