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OniAi (also known as Onii-chan Dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!) was a 12-episode ecchi/ harem comedy TV anime series that aired from October 5 to December 21 of last year. It is based on an ongoing light novel series written by Daisuke Suzuki and illustrated by Gekka Uru, which has been published since December 31, 2010. Funimation currently has rights to stream the series online via their streaming site.

The Plot

It's funny, because they want it to happen!
It's funny, because they want it to happen!

After six years of separation, twin siblings Akito and Akiko Himenokoji reunite and live together in the dormitories of Saint Liliana High School. Akiko has developed an incestuous interest in her brother due to their time apart and wishes to act upon those feelings on him. However, she finds this difficult as the siblings share their dormitory with three other girls who each have differing forms of romantic interest in Akito.

Notable Characters (from left to right)

  • Akito Himenokoji- The male lead of the series. He wishes to live his life normally, yet finds himself being hassled by the girls living with him in the dormitory. Akito secretly writes erotic novels to earn income that involve brother-sister incest under the pen name Koichiro Shindo, who is ironically his sister’s favorite author.
  • Akiko Himenokoji- Akito’s twin sister who has a serious case of brother complex in wanting to seduce her brother and isn’t afraid to make her feelings known of him to others, even in public.
  • Anatasia Nasuhara- A half-American, half-Russian girl who is wealthy thanks to being the daughter of a worldwide industry owner. She’s a sharp-tongued girl with a cold personality and has the habit of asking strange and sometimes crass questions. While being well-rounded in knowledge, she is horrible with doing house chores due to her upbringing and has an interest in cute things, keeping a large number of plush animals in her room.
  • Ginbei Haruomi Sawatari- Akito’s childhood friend with an androgynous appearance and masculine personality that lead others to mistake her for a boy. Because of coming from a merchant family, she was raised as a boy and forbidden from finding a job as she is living through her family’s income. Often gets into the habit of mumbling over Akito’s ignorance of her feelings for him.
  • Arashi Nikaido- A third-year student with heterochromia who is often seen wearing an eye patch on her right eye. She is a bisexual who acts sexually aggressive towards anyone who interests her, particularly Akito whom she wants to make into her underground lover or sex slave.
  • Alisa Takanomiya- A 12-year old girl whose family adopted Akito and became his fiancée. She moves into the dormitory with Akito and the other girls in the second half of the show to become the dorm’s caretaker.
  • Kaoruko Jinno- Personal editor of Akito when writing as Koichiro Shindo. Because of the subject matter in his erotic novels, she fears that Akito is in an incestuous relationship with Akiko.

Why It Sucks

OniAi is an ecchi title that milks the typical elements you would find from the genre and harem comedy titles. Our male lead Akito mostly serves as a doormat to the antics that he has to put up with from his unwanted harem, with the girls mostly having stock archetypes for their characters that you would likely see at one point or another from other ecchi or high school themed anime.

Guess someone found out your secret!
Guess someone found out your secret!

While the ecchi behavior in OniAi is not of the gross-out variety, it still can push things quite a bit at points with its content having crass humor, innuendo, suggestive predicaments and fan service shots of the female cast. Outside of the incest element being milked for the title’s ecchi antics with Akiko, things do get a bit uncomfortable in some of OniAi’s later episodes when Alisa’s character becomes part of the household and is milked for some of the title’s ecchi scenes.

Outside of the anime’s failed efforts to milk comedy off the antics of Akito’s unwanted harem, OniAi is mostly a dull affair as there isn’t an ongoing plot to follow and the characters don’t have much in the way of dimension or depth to them beyond whatever archetypes they are following.

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