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Before I get to this review, I’ll spill the beans on my major announcement regarding the future of Ani-Crap. Regrettably, I plan on making this the final article that I plan to put together for my look into the worst of anime. I’ve recently gotten back to working again after over a year and a half of unemployment and I found myself rather drained from the work week, enough so where I felt that I would rather watch something that has good quality to it than plowing through anything that is an utter piece of garbage like the stuff I’ve watched through over the past year. I’ll admit that my Ani-Crap reviews were a nice way for me to kill time when I was drained from my repetitive daily routines of being around my house much of the time and become exposed to titles far worst in quality than anything I would subjectively call overrated. But I don’t think I can keep up with Ani-Crap if I’m back on a 40-hour work week and would want to relax instead of torturing myself. Ending on this sad note, here is my final Ani-Crap review to cover Yosuga no Sora.

Yosuga no Sora was an animated adaptation of the eroge visual novel game created by Sphere and released on December 5, 2008. The anime was animated by studio feel and aired on AT-X in Japan from October 4 to December 20 of 2010.


 Maybe they should have called this "The Fucking Haru Show" instead.
 Maybe they should have called this "The Fucking Haru Show" instead.

The Premise

Fraternal twin siblings Haruka and Sora Kasugano move to the countryside residence of their grandparents following the deaths of their parents from a car accident. Sora is greatly dependent on Haruka for emotional support and personal needs due to being ill and frail since she was born. In this move, Haruka finds himself becoming romantically involved with one of several girls he becomes acquainted with in his return to the countryside.


Notable Characters (from left to right)


  1. Haruka Kasugano- A thin, kind-hearted boy who is capable of making friends with others easily and cares for his sister’s well-being while the two live together alone at their grandparents’ residence. Becomes romantically involved with one of several girls throughout different arcs in the series.  
  2. Sora Kasugano- Haruka’s twin sister who is emotionally reserved and has been ill and frail since birth. She has a troublesome personality as she constantly desires Haruka’s attention and normally carries around a stuffed rabbit given to her by her dead mother.  
  3. Nao Yorihime- Next-door neighbor of the Kasuganos and Haruka’s childhood friend. She and Haruka harbor an intimate relationship with one another, enough so where they had sex with one another before Haruka moved. While she tries to rekindle a relationship with Haruka when he returns to the countryside, Nao does find herself facing hostility from Sora, who fears that Nao is taking Haruka away from her.  
  4. Kazuha Migiwa- The daughter of an influential Japanese magnate burdened with having to hide the fact her father had an illicit affair with another woman that led to the birth of an illegitimate daughter among her group of friends.  
  5. Akira Amatsume- The illegitimate daughter of Kazuha's father who uses her energetic, cheerful and innocent personality as a front to cover up her insecurities and worries on the matter. She practices performing as her town’s resident miko and spends a lot of time helping out the elderly.  
  6. Motoka Nogisaka- A college student/ maid appearing in the show’s bonus omake at the end of each episode looking into her everyday life with financial struggles, drunken escapades and falling in love with Haruka.


Why It Sucks

Yosuga no Sora’s premise is pretty much one big excuse for male lead Haruka to become romantically involved with a different gal in each arc of the show and inevitably screw them once any drama within said arc is resolved.

The series is divided up into several arcs featuring Haruka’s romantic involvement with a different girl, having some sort of dramatic development affecting the relationship, engaging in softcore sex with the girl once the drama is resolved and have events be reset to a point where they lapse into a different development involving another of the girls in the series. This style of storytelling screams laziness with writing to feature different “what if” scenarios of whatever girls Haruka gets to nail.

 Take a very good guess at what is happening here!
 Take a very good guess at what is happening here!

The storylines and characters of each girl in the show are nothing to get too thrilled over as they are basically rehashed character archetypes or storyline scenarios you likely would see done to death with conventional ecchi/ romance anime/ manga titles or other eroge games. Because of the limited episode length of each arc, characters are never given much opportunity for depth or natural growth, which make the seemingly speedy progression of relationships with Haruka and the “girl of the arc” look very unnatural.

Not to mention that the softcore sex scenes involving Haruka and the “girl of the arc”, including a few occasions of masturbation with a couple gals, are likely to turn off or offend anyone not among the title’s intended horny otaku fanbase.

Yosuga no Sora’s most infamous element comes in the form of its final arc involving Haruka getting into an incestuous fling with his sister, Sora. Supposedly portraying itself as a “mature incest love story”, the arc is no different from past anime titles that don’t seriously explore the taboo as honestly and tastefully as Koi Kaze. Yosuga no Sora combines the typical flaws you would find with the portrayal of incest relationships in anime as Haruka and Sora’s relationship suffers from melodramatic trappings and is a cheap excuse to feature shocking and perverted content throughout its run.

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