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Itsudatte, My Santa! was a two-episode romantic comedy OVA series animated by TNK and released to video on December 7, 2005 in Japan. The series is based on the 1998 manga series created by Love Hina and Negima creator Ken Akamatsu. The series was licensed and released twice in America by Funimation. Funi's release was notable in that when first released in December 2007, Funi later ordered a recall of the series when they accidentally made a printing error with My Santa's TV rating being TV-PG. They released the series the following November, this time with a TV-MA rating for its packaging. Both releases of the series are now out of print.

The Plot

Who's more jealous of the kid: you or Santa? No, I'm not talking about the busty one.
Who's more jealous of the kid: you or Santa? No, I'm not talking about the busty one.

A young man named Santa is known to hate Christmas because of being born on Christmas Eve and was never known to celebrate festive occasions as a child because of neglect from his parents. A cute girl named Mai appears before him on the streets on Christmas Eve night, claiming to be the real Santa Claus and wishing to make Santa happy for the holidays.

Notable Characters (from left to right)

  • Santa- A young man known to hate Christmas because of being named for Santa Claus and born on Christmas Eve. He has never celebrated festive occasions due to his parents neglecting him for their career duties.
  • Mai- A Santa Claus Academy student who is capable of using magic whenever she uses a word with the letter “san” in the Japanese language. She appears before Santa to make him happy on Christmas Eve and is capable of transforming into an attractive adult form when she gains enough magical power.
  • Sharry- Mai's rival and close friend who is more skilled in the use of her magic, using the word “Gorgeous” as an incantation to increase the size of any object she uses her magic on.
  • MaiMai- Mai's younger sister who tags along with Mai throughout much of the title's second episode.
  • Ms. Noel- Mai's teacher at the Santa Claus Academy who tries pushing Mai to improve in her studies at the school.

Why It Sucks

My Santa is a rarity for an anime in that it is themed around the Christmas holiday. However, the holiday theme doesn't save this short OVA series in being a cliched, poorly written and rushed mess.

Someone's turned on by Santa! And this time, it isn't our male lead!
Someone's turned on by Santa! And this time, it isn't our male lead!

The characters of the series are walking paper-thin archetypes that have little in the way of personality and depth, with any back story they have also lacking focus as they are only backdrops to set up the show's romantic antics with Santa and Mai. Even the romance to this is uninspired as the series rushes through developments in the relationship between Santa and Mai, lacking any kind of buildup or believability to have you think their love is anything besides superficial.

The comedy to the series is also uninspired, having the bad habit of rushing through gag after gag that lack much reason to even happen and the moments falling flat in getting a reaction out of yours truly due to feeling forced in their delivery. Plus if you are an Akamatsu fan, this series does have fan service and some ecchi content that pop up on occasion with innuendo gags and some nude shots of female characters. However due to the bad comedic delivery and subpar visuals of this series, the occasional sexual humor fails to deliver and the female characters aren't as appealing on the eyes compared to Akamatsu's work on the designs of his cute and attractive gals for Love Hina and Negima.

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