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Likely won't be doing much for wiki work this week. My job hunting will be eating up much of my time for this week.
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An avid anime fan for over 13 years since the days Cartoon Network used to air Toonami and have lived in this world for over 29 years now. I watch anime between DVDs and streaming online. Did used to watch anime on TV, but fizzled out of using it with the decline of the 2000s anime boom. Outside of anime, I'm also into researching, computers and taking walks.

Officially a forum moderator of Anime Vice since February 2014 who normally deals with the daily killing of spambots and the occasional heated disputes that can erupt in the Battle forum.

Ani-Crap Review

This is the feature to Anime Vice you'll see me frequently cover in blog postings. Having seen plenty of great quality anime titles over the past decade, I thought I would take a dip into anime's more infamous offerings in terms of bad quality. For as overrated or horrible you may think of popular titles like the Holy Shounen Trinity or moeblob titles, the titles I normally dig into for Ani-Crap cover some of the worst titles you would see from the medium we all love, past and present. A good number of the titles I cover include ultra-violent OVAs, ecchi titles, bad adaptations of video games and some duds done in the past by notable figures in anime.

Most of the time, my reviews are decided via a two-week poll I post in a thread on the Just Anime forum of a list of ten titles (five a piece from anything done within or beyond the past ten years) that Vice members are allowed to vote on. Whichever title receives the most votes within that two week period will be what I choose to cover for my next review.

Battle Forums

As some of you will see, I'm an occasional poster in the Battles forum. I've got quite a bit of knowledge on many fictions which include DBZ, Tenchi Muyo, titles among the HST, Gundam, a number of Nasuverse titles and Marvel Comics to name a few. Depending on how you present yourself in the forum, I can either be open to difference in opinion if you know what you talk about and don't get too full of yourself, or I will be wondering why the hell you think as you do if you act self-absorbed and get ignorant of the opinions of others when they have different points of view on a match or the abilities of a character. If the latter applies, don't be surprised if I'm cynical with your point of view.

Thoughts on Evidence for a Battle Thread

In terms of how feats get presented for a character, this is the judgement I go by in order of priority:

  1. Onscreen feats/ creator statements
  2. Omnipotent narrator
  3. Character statements
  4. Fan calculations
  5. Powerscaling
  6. Hyperbole character statements

Fan Calcs

Fan calculations can be a tricky area to rely on in a number of fictions as it depends on whatever you have as a means to compare all the complicated dimensions like distance, destructive scope, height of a person or structure and so forth. If the creators supply detailed information on an area of the feat in question or it can believably be compared to something in real life, then it can help make the calculation easier to determine and accept for areas like durability, destructive capacity and speed. I prefer to use them as a reference to get a sense of different aspects to a character, but not completely rely on them as they can usually produce some ridiculous results that aren't consistent with what has been shown onscreen or discussed within the scope of a series.

Hyperbole Character Statements

This is something that I frequently come across in debates involving long-running shonen titles like the HST or DBZ. This is where a character will make a statement that exaggerates on the scope of a character's given feat or ability and is used by the author of said series to increase fan anticipation of whatever ability/ feat is about to be pulled. I normally see diehard shounen fans or novice debaters try to use these statements as fact for their arguments in debate, despite such statements being contradictory to the demonstrated onscreen feats of a character in their anime, manga, video game, comic and so forth. If you rely on these to try proving a point in a debate with me, don't be surprised if I don't take your claim seriously. Here are some examples of hyperbole statements I've come across:

  • Itachi's Amaterasu flames being as hot as the sun. (Naruto)
  • Cell capable of destroying a solar system. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Gin Ichimaru's Bankai speed being Mach 300. (Bleach, Gin would admit in a later chapter he lied about this claim)
  • Aizen's big Black Coffin used on Ichigo capable of distorting space and time. (Bleach, again)
  • Emma Kozato's traveling speed in his attack on Tsuna Sawada being light speed. (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

Thoughts on Outskirts Battledome

Otherwise known as the OBD, the site's either known rather well as a resource of information on various fictions or infamous depending on your thoughts of how they recognize certain fictions or mock past offenders on their site. Getting past their mockery on things, there is no denying that the site does have a set of standards they adhere to in terms of judging the abilities and attributes of characters and various fictions, which the battle forums on many sites are lacking in. They also provide information on many fictional titles that are either not well known or get overlooked by many fans. The site's also known to have their members perform various fan calculations on many feats that get demonstrated in many titles. While my thoughts on fan calcs have already been posted, I do agree with many of the standards they have in judging the scope of abilities and characters since many folks don't seem to realize that fictions have different means in which they judge the scope of specific abilities such as immortality, regeneration, elemental manipulation and so forth; in addition to some fictions usually being a victim of inconsistency or elements of stupidity that get implanted into a title by it's author due to bad writing, dragging a series out or implanting an artificial sense of excitement in its fans.

Notable Debaters I Respect(ed)

  1. willyvereb- The walking encyclopedia for all things with Nasuverse. One of the more credible debaters I seen arrive on Vice who could back up what he said and never got too full of himself.
  2. Newdeath- Knew plenty of things on DBZ and Marvel/ DC Comics. Known to create detailed summaries of his thoughts on a match and while a DBZ fan, knew when they would be screwed against stronger characters and would usually argue in a comic book character's favor for DBZ vs Comics matches.
  3. taichokage- Been around for nearly as long as I have been. While we don't always see eye-to-eye with judging the capabilities of certain titles and characters, he is flexible to opinion and never gets full of himself when expressing his thoughts on a match.
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