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Holding off on doing stuff for Ani-Crap at the moment. Just got into another major hassle involving my Internet provider.
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Straw Hats lead 4-1 and Gotei 13 lead 3-2.
11 hours, 2 minutes ago
Dream replied to the topic Nightcrawler vs Shirai Kuroko on the Battles board.
@CosmicKnight75: The whole point of me setting up the battle conditions as they are are because the two don't normally fight to kill. Both have their own advantages for battle as Kuroko is capable of teleporting objects away (something Nightcrawler can't do) which she can exploit with the environment if given the chance and Nightcrawler's mutation allows him to stick to walls, blend into dark areas and possess peak human ...
20 hours, 29 minutes ago
Dream replied to the topic POPO vs. NARUTO & SASUKE on the Battles board.
Anime version, manga version, or Four Star version?
21 hours, 23 minutes ago
Dream replied to the topic SSJ3 Goku vs Juggernaut on the Battles board.
Necroing this and already into 100 posts? XDIf you want to see discussion in this extended for another 100 posts, suggest a vote for it in the Over the Limit thread. Otherwise, I'm locking this up for now.
21 hours, 39 minutes ago
Dream started the topic Nightcrawler vs Shirai Kuroko on the Battles board.
It's a battle between fellow teleporters. Can the X-Man dispatch the member of Academy City's Judgment member?Battle Conditions:Earth-616 version of Nightcrawler is being used and comes into battle unarmed.Kuroko has her darts on her.Battle takes place in an abandoned Academy City with both foes 10 yards apart from one another.Battle will be fought until the opponent is incapacitated.Nightcrawler will have no qualms with harming Kuroko here and he is fully ...
21 hours, 42 minutes ago
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23 hours, 25 minutes ago
Voting time is up. Lagoon Company advance to the next round. But we have a tie in the second match, meaning I get to make the tie-breaking vote which goes to Band of the Hawk. Lagoon Company and Band of the Hawk advance to the Quarter-Finals. Time for the final set of matches for this round:Match #1Desiring to become King of the Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy put together his own ...
1 day ago
Dream replied to the topic Misaka Mikoto runs the Thunder Gauntlet on the Battles board.
@CosmicKnight75: I won't dispute Mikoto owning Zatch and Enel in terms of electrical abilities (though that scan of Zatch's strongest attack now has me thinking Mikoto's getting massacred). But beyond reflexes and combat speed, she is still a glass cannon as many of her physical attributes are normal human levels. If Enel and Zatch land a clean physical blow on her, then Mikoto would be done.
1 day, 1 hour ago
Dream replied to the topic Misaka Mikoto runs the Thunder Gauntlet on the Battles board.
From what I do know...  Hei- He's screwed.    Enel and Zatch- If they resort to physical attacks, Mikoto's screwed. If they resort to electrical attacks, Mikoto has the match in the bag due to greater voltage and versatility of her powers. Tengu Brunch- Toriko character? She's screwed.
1 day, 5 hours ago
@takashichea: Kill la Kill's not gonna be cheap like many titles you would get from Aniplex. Just getting Magi and Blast of Tempest from them earlier this year set me back $125 per title.
1 day, 10 hours ago
Only got Sunday Without God from this list.
1 day, 11 hours ago
Looks like this is the second time you've done this. You're not allowed to spam blog entries. Please look over Forum Rules before making any more posts.
1 day, 22 hours ago
Votes are no different from yesterday. With voting as close as it is, I'm extending voting up to tomorrow.
2 days, 11 hours ago
Dream replied to the topic Hiei vs Sasuke Uchiha on the Battles board.
Hmmm. Hiei's likely to be unaffected by most genjutsu since the Jagan grants him a great deal of resistance to mental attacks and being a fire demon also grants him resistance to fire attacks, thus shutting down a decent chunk of Sasuke's arsenal. Both are about on par with one another in attributes, but I'd give Hiei the slight advantage here to his resistance to a number of attacks in ...
2 days, 20 hours ago
Dream replied to the topic Alucard vs Goku on the Battles board.
@18hunt: Not with omnipresence. So long as Alucard desires it mentally, he will continue to exist.
2 days, 20 hours ago
Dream replied to the topic Majin Vegeta vs SSJ2 teen Gohan vs Dabura on the Battles board.
Majin Vegeta > SSJ2 Teen Gohan > Dabura
2 days, 21 hours ago
Dream reviewed Soul Eater.

A rather subpar shounen battle anime.: Soul Eater is another in a long line of shounen battle anime with its premise revolving around a school called Shibusen that teaches shinigami and their weapon partners that can go in and out of weapon form in hunting evil humans and witches. Three duos/ trios of students are focused on in their developments with Maka and Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki, and Death the Kid and the Thompson sisters ...
3 days ago
A couple of obnoxious young warriors who don't know when to shut up get locked up in a 10 ft x 10 ft room together. The whole room is made out of pure adamantium, thus they won't be breaking out. First one to break down mentally from their foe's utter annoyance loses the match. Whose annoyance will prevail here?Black StarNaruto Uzumaki (Pre-Timeskip)
3 days, 5 hours ago
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