Dream replied to the topic Naruto vs Pre-omnipresent Alucard on the Battles board.
My Walter vs Raikage match must have led this to transpire.Alucard's not winning this. The raw power of Naruto's Nine-Tails Chakra Mode would easily lay waste to even Alucard's three million plus souls.
6 hours, 26 minutes ago
12 hours, 29 minutes ago
We have our 32 villains set up. It's time to get this tournament rolling. The rules for this tournament aren't much different from the Harem Tourney. I will post a set of two matches every 3-4 days, where you get to vote for whichever villain you think is the best in each matchup. Whichever villain has the most votes by the deadline will advance to the next round. In the ...
12 hours, 31 minutes ago
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Dream replied to the topic Sensui vs Kenpachi on the Battles board.
@taichokage:Yea but intensity of said head does indicate speed. And busting a meteor is considerably more impressive than a mountain or mesa.Would agree to this. The speed exerted from from a falling object makes its mass increase significantly and would result in destructive damage for a considerable amount of land area if the object in question is quite large like a meteor. Depending on the meteor's size, its mass would ...
15 hours, 48 minutes ago
Dream replied to the topic Dark Lord Voldemort vs Lambdadelta on the Battles board.
Guessing you aren't very familiar with Umineko? The witches in the series are multiversal reality warpers and abstract beings who are very difficult to kill. Voldemort doesn't stand even a slight chance of winning here.Since I don't really see any real means you could argue for Voldemort winning here, I'm locking this up.
16 hours, 12 minutes ago
@katanalauncher: Explain? Walter's speed in his human form is great enough where he can easily evade assault rifle fire from several a small group of ghouls in constrained quarters like hallways and his fiber cords are strong enough to cut through steel. His vampire form's strong enough where he could cut down several buildings with his fiber cords without them straining his body and amps up his already impressive speed ...
16 hours, 27 minutes ago
Dream replied to the topic Roronoa Zoro Vs Zaraki Kempachi on the Battles board.
We're over 100 posts for this thread. If you want to extend discussion of this match for another 100 posts, feel free to pitch the idea and vote on it in the Over the Limit thread.Otherwise for now, I'm locking this up.
16 hours, 50 minutes ago
Battle ConditionsBattle to the death with both in character and no knowledge of one another.Battle takes place in a burning London with both characters being 10 yards apart from one another.Raikage has both arms for this match.Battle has two scenarios with Walter: first one he's in his present human form and the second being his vampire form.Taking these conditions into account, who do you think wins?Walter Dornez in Hellsing UltimateRaikage ...
16 hours, 52 minutes ago
Dream replied to the topic Ani-Crap Poll #42 on the Just Anime board.
Bumping this up. A week left to vote and totals are the same as they were from the last update.
19 hours, 1 minute ago
Voting time is now up. Since only 29 villains were final entrants voted for this tourney, I automatically enrolled the first three nominated villains on the list as entrants for the tournament. I will be starting up the tournament sometime this weekend. I will be keeping this thread pinned until I officially start up the tournament. In the meantime, feel free to express your thoughts on the final entrant list ...
19 hours, 2 minutes ago
Dream replied to the topic Twenty Questions, Anime/ Manga-Style on the Off-Topic board.
@SMXLR8: Nope
1 day, 5 hours ago
Dream replied to the topic Twenty Questions, Anime/ Manga-Style on the Off-Topic board.
1 day, 8 hours ago
Dream replied to the topic Discord vs Yuki Nagato on the Battles board.
Yuki wipes him out from existence. Discord's more the type to manipulate and cause mischief with his power than causing any wanton death and destruction. This would bite him in the ass against someone like Yuki here.
1 day, 8 hours ago
Dream replied to the topic Gremmy Thoumeaux vs Juubi on the Battles board.
@5th: Next time you make an insult, you're getting a warning. You can disagree with arguments regarding character feats and capabilities. But don't go insulting those making the claims.
1 day, 9 hours ago
Dream replied to the topic Twenty Questions, Anime/ Manga-Style on the Off-Topic board.
@Bigheart711: Yes
1 day, 9 hours ago
The thing is even it if doesn't take much time, it makes people not want to post scans because considering how buggy Anime Vice has been as of late, it just isn't worth the trouble to debate anymore. The last thing we need is even more deterrence to thought out debate.As taka has covered, you could upload scans to a image hosting site like Imageshack or Photobucket and then embed ...
1 day, 11 hours ago
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Killing people from OBD. Sad how weak they've gotten.
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I'm pretty disappointed in the Spring 2014 line-up. Nothing truly for me to latch on too unlike last year around this time.
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Thinking about making a blog about why I like Shonen anime/manga
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