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Dream replied to the topic Beat or Match this Manga Team on the Battles board.
@FormerCrimsonKing: I've removed the fifth scan for your team since it has a pirate site watermark. Talk to takashichea or Yusuke52 about getting it cleaned up.
1 hour, 8 minutes ago
Then this baby's now locked.
1 hour, 43 minutes ago
See discussion's beginning to derail in here. Any chance that this is okay to lock up now?
1 hour, 52 minutes ago
@CosmicKnight75: Removed your watermarked scan for obvious reasons. Also, do not resort to provoking others with memes.
2 hours, 53 minutes ago
Dream replied to the topic Anime Spelling Game on the Off-Topic board.
3 hours, 25 minutes ago
Dream replied to the topic Anime Spelling Game on the Off-Topic board.
3 hours, 28 minutes ago
Dream replied to the topic Anime Spelling Game on the Off-Topic board.
@Asura_Uchiha:The show's called Mysterious Joker.
3 hours, 32 minutes ago
Dream replied to the topic concept power of reality warper on the General Discussion board.
@flyboyissac: Not really, as both are just very elaborate genjutsu or in the case of Izanagi, a small-scale form of space-time manipulation. Izanagi temporarily displaces its user out of existence to evade an attack and creates the illusion to others that they suffered harm from said attack. Izanami places the mind of its victim into an endless loop to screw with their perception of reality as they continually kill the ...
3 hours, 41 minutes ago
Dream replied to the topic Anime Spelling Game on the Off-Topic board.
@Asura_Uchiha: There's no anime by that name.Jormungand
5 hours, 4 minutes ago
@Justice: Before I comment, can I suggest that you quit italicizing your comments?True but the power is lowered considerably, especially if the Devil Gundam loses the core, hell, after Rain was removed Domon just blew the rest of the thing up and it caused the entire thing to explode.Through an attack that Domon just somehow magically conjured up. It had no problems tanking a Sekiha Tenkyoken attack during their final ...
5 hours, 7 minutes ago
@Justice:Considering how much chakara he used fighting Kaguya nad Naruto FOR A FULL DAY, he should easily be able to teleport it away at full power.Assuming he does, you do recall the teleportation has a cooldown period, right? If that's the case, Sasuke would be on his own to battle the Grand Master Gundam momentarily. Plus, what's stopping it from returning to the Devil Gundam to confront Naruto and Sasuke?I ...
5 hours, 26 minutes ago
@Justice:Grandmaster and Devil Gundam lost their power instantly, they don't need to blow the whole thing up.As mentioned above, both Gundams are capable of being piloted autonomously if they lack a core or pilot to control them.Naruto has protective Chakara coating the reflects even Amatarasu and Sasuke has SusanooUnless you have anything proving both can guard against molecular-based infection seeing as air can still go through them, I still see ...
5 hours, 47 minutes ago
Dream replied to the topic Cell vs Madara on the Battles board.
Jubbidara gets slaughtered.With how one-sided this is, I'm locking this up.
6 hours, 14 minutes ago
@Justice:can't Sasuke teleport grandmaster away and switch places with him?That's assuming Sasuke has the chakra reserves and means to teleport away such a massive target.If Ulube is piloting it that means Sasuke can place him in a GenjutsuWith the Devil Gundam controlling him, it would likely work no differently from when he tries it on a Jinchuriki user.The size of Devil Gundam does not matter, they just need to blow ...
6 hours, 22 minutes ago
@Divine_Joker: Truth-Seeking Balls aren't doing much to the Grand Master and Devil Gundams as there is a limit to the size in which the balls can be produced. Both can simply regenerate from the damage.
6 hours, 32 minutes ago
@Justice: Get infected by DG cells and becoming willing pawns to the Devil Gundam?
6 hours, 34 minutes ago
So we've got a planetary level threat against two arguable country-level ninja with hax among their arsenal?The Death Army should pose little threat, but the Grand Master Gundam is gonna be giving Naruto and Sasuke fits and will likely require a great deal of effort to dispatch as the Shuffle Alliance could barely defeat it. Assuming they even get past the massive Gundam, they're likely gonna be exhausted by the ...
6 hours, 39 minutes ago
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Finished sending the Battle interview questions. I need to finish wiki moderation since I didn't finish yesterday's submissions. Then, I'll work February 2015 community report. Pm me if you need me.
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Kind of getting into Toriko, but the monkey's balls keep pushing me away. World Trigger was awesome this week and One Piece was pretty cool.
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Ryu Hayabusa
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Wow, decided to read one of the battle forum debates for old times’ sake and reading these Naruto vs threads is just fucking depressing... Quality of the debate has certainly dropped here in my opinion.
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Might change my Avatar for the first time. Lol.
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It's a new year, time to experiment with my profile theme, found a pretty cool background gif :D
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