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Hate List

Anime characters I dislike and the reasons why.

I do like Ranma ½. It's just that I find a few of the characters somewhat annoying at times.

1. Ryoga Hibiki

Ranma ½

a) He poses as a pig, so he can be near Akane's breasts.
b) Ryoga's getting lost all the time gets REALLY old after a while.
c) He just won't shut up about his revenge... OVER BREAD!!
d) Calls Ranma a coward, yet constantly gets Ranma in trouble with Akane, by using deceit.
e) He carries an umbrella as a weapon, but is constantly turned into a pig when it rains. (Due to his curse.)

2. Kodachi Kuno

Ranma ½

a) That vile, obnoxious laugh!
b) That vile, hideous laugh.
c) FAR too eager to play the traditional "proper" housewife.

3. Happosai

Ranma ½

a) He's a creepy, perverted old man.
b) The freak shows up far too often.

4. Hagi


a) Pathetically follows the main character everywhere, like a love-sick puppy.
b) Rarely talks, thus reducing visible character depth.
c) Somewhat effeminate.

5. Minmei Lynn


a) Helpless victim most of the time.
b) I don't like it when they break into song during Disney movies, and that's no different here.

6. Iggy

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

a) Reminds me a bit too much of Ryoga (in P-chan form).

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