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These Need An English Dubbed Release Version......ASAP

Through my anime journey i have come across titles i feel would touch a wider audience and help promote anime more to westerners if only they get that quality English Dub treatment.

Now i do love original subs don't get me wrong but these titles i'm mentioning below have great stories in themselves and its a shame they are not in English so even non-anime fans could be introduced to them

This list is not in any particular order

1. Bakemonogatari

A great dialogue driven series that would be excellent in many also agree but now... not so sure as the follow up sequels have gone in a silly direction... maybe just this season in dub would be enough

2. REC

Short...sweet....anime-related...and romantic...a personal favorite....dub please!!

3. Katanagatari

Another great show that relies heavily on dialogue YET also has fantastic fighting elements to 45 minutes an episode i would love to re-watch this in engliah...great series!

4. Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Well...yeah it's extremely hyped in the anime-otaku culture and once you've seen it you will know's up there with macross tbh but maybe a complete rebooted version of this series would be preferable as well as an english dub.....thats the best approach with this one imo

5. Mind Game

I mean come on......this is just fuckin awesome....seriously...

6. Kaiji

Greatness.....subject matter is a abit of an acquired taste never-the-less his show is GREATNESS......i think it's just a matter of time really

7. Bartender

This show has a really broad appeal imo to many anime and non-anime fans alike but without an English dub its just a sunken treasure waiting to be found

8. Eve no Jikan

Another great little slice of life sci-fi series.....has since been licenced but i still believe it's not dubbed

9. The Tatami Galaxy

This is a great show...but i feel it would be on a much higher level with an english dub....then it would probably be on "anime-classic" status

10. Bunny Drop

I prefer the other title for this series "Usagi Drop" but that's irrelevant. Great family drama....manga ending is something..... to be desired, however where this anime ends is good enough for a release in dub

11. anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

A very touching drama about teens dealing with the loss of a friend and other personal issues. Very well done, shame there is no dub on the existing western release

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