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Give this a Reboot or new Adaptation for some Needed EPICNESS!

This is a list of movies, series or OVA's i feel that if redone....either with tweaked animation...or tweaked storyline / pacing or actual expansion would be AMAZING!!

1. Rurouni Kenshin

The story from OVA to series to OVA is epic but it lacks constancy (particularly the TV series) if this entire franchise was redon as one....lets say 52 episode series with new animation, it would be LEGEND

2. Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Storyline is exceptional.....animation is extremely outdated. Revamp the animation and tweak the story o so much and you have a Hall of Fame Anime Series....well it's already on that level but a rehash would be purrrrfection

3. Cyber City Oedo 808

Great show......too short...could be expanded into a tv series...would be epic

4. Goku: Midnight Eye

Another great short show...good concept....needs expansion...would be great

5. Akira

A TV series adaptation that follows the manga storyline....enough said

6. Ninja Scroll

Lets forget about that awful 2003ish tv another one....could be on Basilisk level

7. Flame of Recca

This was actually not as good as i remembered it to be after rewatching it recently....but the plot is pretty good....if it was reanimated and taken more seriously with a real ending i think it would be a solid shounen title

8. Last Order: Final Fantasy VII

If this is a taste of what a FF7 Anime series would be like....for kami's sake make it happen...somebody!?!

9. Soul Eater

Well, this just needs a more faithful manga adaptation.....just like FMA brotherhood. For the record i did like the original series..just went off the rails

10. The Guyver

Ahh man...i loved the original 12 episode OVA series....the 2005 remake lost alot of the umph this series had....however the manga is a never-ending saga so good luck for another reboot

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