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General Discussion » Vice Pit Question Thread

Recently there have been growing support for anime projects getting direct funding from fans for releases like the Time of Eve Project which reached its goal amazingly fast and the new website Anime Sols

This is a great step in the right direction for giving fans EXACTLY what they want - so i was wondering about your thoughts on this and i ask what projects would YOU GUYS like to see funded personally, whether it be a manga that does not have an anime adaptaion or something that is out of print or something that would be really cool rebooted......

specifically what titles do you think this kind of public funding would work best for

Personally i would like to see a kickstarter for a release of LEGEND OF THE GALACTIC HEROES - official sub or dub

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General Discussion » Fullmetal Alchemist Podcast ep – Looking for some willing guests

Heya folks

Most of y’all know about the anime podcast I’ve been running for a while now called DREAMcast

I have always wanted to do an episode focused on Fullmetal Alchemist. The original series / brotherhood and possibly the manga (which I myself have not read) and the effect the franchise has had on the anime community / pop culture.

I thought this time I would put a call out to see if there are any Anime-Vicers out there who would want to participate in a conversation all things FMA for an episode on our podcast.

I’m not looking for complete experts on the subject just people who have seen bothseries and are somewhat knowledgeable about the franchise

It would be done over Skype. All that is need a microphone / headset and a willingness to participate

Send me a PM if your interested

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General Discussion » Vice Pit Question Thread

Guys I would like to hear your thoughts on American / western comic cultivation vs Japanese Manga development

For the most part it seems like the comic industry is ruled by the two powerhouse companies DC & Marvel and as such have a core focus of very well known and familiar characters which have been written and re-written over decades in many variations

Manga titles on the other hand seem to be of a more singular fashion with franchises going through fewer hands and less incarnations, leading to a more linear overall story structure.

Personally I do not prefer one type over the other and enjoy the creative differences in both, question is how do you guys feel about it….do you think maybe western comics are a little bit over-focused on the BIG TWO lol opposed to manga which “seem” to be more varied

And just for fun as it is sorta related GOKU VS SUPERMAN – who wins and why (just for fun) – check out the upcoming DEATHBATTLE for that VS matchup btw

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General Discussion » DC Anime & Manga Competition WIN $100 of Your Chosen Anime Gear

Hello my fellow Otakus heres your chance to Win a coll $100 Gift Certificate from Roberts Anime Corner store

What do you need to do….well, you need to join our Anime and Manga group Planet Tyro over on and take part in our Demotivation Poster Competition.

If you poster is chosen as the best you get the $100 Gift Certificate to spen on all the anime / manga goodness you can get your hands on…no bullshit…full details on the link below

Hope ta see ya there!

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General Discussion » Anime Podcast (DREAMcast) looking for new guests possibly crew

Hello my fellow Otaku this is Donald Wunder

I have been running an anime podcast for just over a year now (on AV just recently) and I am looking for some new talent to join in our ongoing discussions about anime / manga (and sometimes traditional cartoons) for future episodes.

I am looking for someone who is a fan of anime, watches (or has seen) a LOT of anime and who would like to contribute to our cause.

We have worked with quite a few other podcasters / anime reviewers and have growing numbers in terms of listeners / subscribers from all over the world.

To be frank I’m not looking to just have ANYBODY I want someone with PASSION, someone who can speak fluent English, someone who possibly wants to promote their own growing ambitions regarding anime…..whether being an already existing anime reviewer or someone looking to make a more public debut……..someone interesting.

We would be working over Skype and we are based in both the US & the UK

Having a good sense of humour is a definite plus…we like to bring a positive and attracting presence in our podcasts

Check out our facebook page:

And email us if you are interested

Who knows the union might lead to bigger things

Talk to ya soon.


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General Discussion » Vice Pit Question Thread

What do you think about Anime Inspired American Cartoons e.g Avatar TLA / Korra, Samurai Jack and the term Amerime which is recently being coined for such titles.

Do you think this is a much better segway to get folks into anime than just giving them anime itself.

Whats your favorite Anime inspired cartoons

Suede’s Top 11 Amerime

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