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This episode we are gonna kick things off with a BANG as I talk about my thoughts on the Anime & it’s potential influence on the Movie Industry with creator Korey Coleman….granted this is an exert from the new years eve call-in show but never the less it was an interesting conversation and I felt it was appropriate to add it in this episode.

Next myself & The Old Boy talk about the Killer franchise which is Ichi…Manga..Anime & the live action movie.

Then we have the talented EriksBlue here helping me review and discuss the much talked about Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Anime series. To spice things up a little I decided to also include another apt podcast snippet this time from the LEOG where they also discussed P&S.

And sadly because our dear dear Nuansay was feeling ill we’ll have to leave our discussion on Soul Eater for later…….Bummer :-(

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